HCL has been recognized as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Research Quadrant for Digital Business – Solutions and Service Partners – Digital Backbone Managed Services, Nordics 2019-20

The ISG Provider Lens™ study for Digital Business Solutions and Services 2019 is focused on aspects where there is a higher adoption of digital services compared to other segments. The report intends to help enterprise clients to partner with the right service provider based on their digital strategy and roadmap as per their business vision. The service providers are assessed based on multiple aspects, including digital transformation framework, digital offering, capabilities, tools, accelerators, local presence, expertise, delivery models and pricing models.

The Digital Backbone Managed Services quadrant assesses the providers of robust, secure and reliable operations based on microservices and APIs in a hybrid or a pure cloud platform, including other digital solutions such as mobile apps, IoT platforms and data services. These providers offer consulting services to transform legacy systems and move to a cloud environment.

The cloud enables serverless computing, infrastructure as code, microservices, Kubernetes and containers for rapid horizontal expansion into multiple geographies or vertical scale of operations. These are crucial elements to reduce time to market and quickly respond to demand changes. Competitors in this segment have robust platforms that integrate with public cloud providers for autonomous, AI-based self-healing, provisioning, autoscale and performance optimization. Leaders in this market comply with zero outage goals. They monitor real-time digital product usage and transaction volumes, dynamically changing the backbone capacity to optimize business performance. They are accountable for API and microservices response time and availability, data access speed, connectivity and application performance. Optionally, they comply with outcome-based contracts.

Digital backbone managed services is a niche area. It is early to expect a growing demand in this segment as most enterprises are focused on implementing digital solutions and re-aligning their organizations to these new solutions rather than managing them. Currently, service providers are helping traditional businesses in the process or cultural transformation that is required for implementing digital solutions. Providers are leveraging a platform-based or data management approach to provide digital backbone managed services for clients. They are supporting enterprises with cloud transformation and infrastructure services. The providers are using automation and AI-based tools and accelerators for cloud migration. Some of the providers are also providing hardware support for high-performance and edge computing. This segment covers those providers that are focused on offering business continuity and reliable services for the digital backbone of enterprises.

Nordic enterprises with traditional businesses that have embarked on their digital journey are legacy-heavy organizations, are outsourcing services to enable the transformation of their legacy systems. Since most of the traditional businesses are moving toward digital transformation, the adoption of cloud is increasing significantly to gain the benefits that are best realized by using cloud platforms. Service requests for cloud migrations are on rise. Enterprises are outsourcing services not only for cloud, but also for infrastructure management. Data management for customer services is also gaining traction in the Nordics. To provide hyper personalized service, enterprises should leverage data analytics. This drives the necessity for enterprises to implement data management in providing customer services. Nordic firms are also expecting outcome-based or gain sharing-based contracts from service providers.

As per the report, HCL DigiOps services are zoned into three distinct outcomes, namely uninterrupted IT, uninterrupted BizOps and uninterrupted experiences. While the first-level outcome of uninterrupted IT is focused on the IT backbone comprising cloud, DevOps, application and data operations, the other two zones are aimed at higher level objectives. DigiOps services leverage HCL tools, platforms and expertise to deliver the above outcomes. HCL has strong partnerships with cloud providers and vendors globally, which can be leveraged to provide backbone services to Nordics-based clients.

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