HCL has been recognized as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Research Quadrant for SIAM / ITSM – Business Value Service Management, US 2020

This quadrant covers outbound (IT customer oriented) and forward looking strategic processes, of ITSM and more general management issues. Understanding a client’s demand, while designing, building and managing a service portfolio, is at the heart of this quadrant. Financial management processes and customer satisfaction are included because they require direct client access and feedback.

It examines four process clusters:

  1. Managing a client’s service demand through demand forecasting, financial and consumption management, financial planning and chargeback and showback activities.
  2. Managing service portfolio and maintaining the related service catalog;
  3. Dealing with regular service requests and managing non-standard requests.
  4. Management the complete customer satisfaction process

A focus area of this quadrant is social media that enhances the level of communication between IT staff and clients. The SIAM process that manages customer satisfaction will, in an omni-channel approach, use information from social media channels to automatically generate information about the status. In this area, the use of bots and robotic process automation (RPA) is also important.

Turning data into information with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data will support the financial analysis and chargeback process. Seamless integration of the various processes will lead to service portfolio management that is much more customer-oriented, with faster and better aligned service delivery.

HCL Has been rated as Leader in the quadrant

As per the report, HCL, as a leader in SIAM, offers SIAM solutions as a part of its DRYiCE® division. This dedicated business unit uses new technologies to deliver AI-powered products and platforms. DRIYICE® iAutomate, an intelligent runbook automation product, which brings AI and collaboration as key features into the automation domain is a good example of its performance.

To know more, download the report.