HCL has been recognized as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Research Quadrant for SIAM / ITSM – Service Design and Transition, US 2020

This quadrant addresses the areas of IT service design and service transition into operations. This set of processes bridge the gap between the IT consumer and the operations teams that ensure stable delivery. In this section, the SIAM aspect comes into play heavily while designing a demand-driven service. Designing, documenting and implementing SLAs, on-boarding suppliers and orchestrating service elements are some of the key functions.

While service design mainly addresses topics such as the required service availability, capacity, service continuity and security, the transition part focuses on three key areas:

  1. Transition of a service from planning into operation, with change and change evaluation management
  2. Validation of changes and services.
  3. Necessary processes to deploy a change or service and the management of various release levels.

In this part of the IT SIAM framework, integration with business value and service management (BVSM) is essential to design services aligned with customer needs. BVSM, as the direct interface and product marketing by the IT service organization generates information about customer satisfaction, current services and new demands. The use of historical and current information about service consumption is essential for designing and building the services. Strong service level agreements (SLAs), consumption reporting and AI, along with big data and analytics are required in the future. New technologies will support clients while dealing with the go-live activities for new or updated services. In the future, ML and AI will help clients to better understand the implications of changes in order to avoid any shortcomings in existing services. APIs and interfaces with outside systems are required to automatically connect and communicate with suppliers and allow for data exchange to update existing service catalogs with newly designed service elements.

HCL Has been rated as Leader in the quadrant

As per the report, HCL Technologies stands out as a leader as its SIAM solution team enables NextGen SIAM with catalog aggregation, service orchestration and analytics. An AI-powered platform in its advanced marketplace connects Digital SIAM users with the underlying IT service delivery ecosystem to easily define new services

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