Do you want to improve your customer experience? Connect the front, middle, and back of your business with integrated automation

Customer-centricity requires much more than prettying up the front office with a mobile app, online self-service, or a social media presence. Great customer experience is not about a fancy front-end user interface; rather, organizations must have the foundation and the inner workings to support the digital front office—which is about embracing technology like analytics and AI across the front, middle and back to become more customer-centric and intelligent.

HFS has defined and articulated this kind of organization-wide structure as the OneOffice: This is the roadmap to success for companies that want to be competitive, grow revenues and market share, and become more intelligent and predictive. Advances in automation, AI, and analytics (the Triple-A Trifecta) are helping us rewire business operations to stay ahead of customer needs.

Melissa O’Brien, Research Vice President, HFS Research talks about customer experience with integrated automation in her article which is written exclusively for the HCL Digital Process Operations sponsored HFS FORA Executive roundtable held on June 19, in New York