HCL rated No. 2 in HfS Top 10 high- tech sector service providers, 2019

As per the report, HCL has the following strengths:

Micro-vertical focus: HCL’s Technology & Services business supports micro-verticals including electronics and equipment, semiconductors, internet platform and software, cloud and IT services, online platforms, semiconductor, ISV, cloud, OEM, and electronics. HCL separated its technology and manufacturing businesses a couple of years back—earlier than many of its competitors. Its tech business is its fastest growing sector.

  • Core IT development and management heritage applied to today’s challenges: HCL has complemented its core engineering, applications and infrastructure services chops with capabilities such as cloud, intelligent automation, smart analytics, IoT, and blockchain to help tech companies compete more effectively through doing things like moving to consumption or as-a-service models, data monetisation, and rapid pace product development. It’s HCL’s Mode 1,2,3 approach on steroids for the demanding tech sector.
  • Relationship beyond the contract: Clients, old and new, applaud HCL’s relationship management and flexibility in delivering resources and solutions that work for the finicky tech sector.