Cybersecurity & GRC Services
State of Cybersecurity 2019

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HCL recognized as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Research Quadrant for Cyber Security Solutions and Services

With digitalization and IoT being the norm across industries, the spotlight is squarely on cybersecurity. Companies and tech giants are constantly under attack, and even with strengthened laws, there is a widespread fear of data leakage.

ISG observed worrying trends in the US cybersecurity market, such as a lack of qualified talent and the rise of digital deception tools. Conversely, they also noted cloud-based security services gaining traction and AI/ML being applied to security.

Managed security services that leverage these new-age technologies and provide comprehensive security support are being backed and adopted by businesses increasingly.

According to ISG Provider Lens™ Research Quadrant’s report, “Cyber Security Solutions and Services”, HCL has emerged as a leader in this space.

The key highlights include:

  • HCL’s robust data analytics-driven threat intelligence and security analytics bolstered by the SecIntAI framework
  • The company’s comprehensive cybersecurity services portfolio including managed security, automated incident response, and advanced threat hunting services
  • HCL’s technology-driven security capabilities and deep analytics offerings like Cyber Security Fusion Centers (CSFCs)
  • The alignment of HCL’s CSFCs with the SecIntAl framework and the integration of all components within the center to provide integrated security operations
  • HCL’s third-party technology which enables log collection, security event monitoring and analysis, along with dedicated security information and event management (SIEM) services

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