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In 2021, an average active internet user spent an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes e
As with other areas in banking, we are seeing a significant transformation in lending and mortgages that in multiple ways is reinventing and redefining this crucial area for both existing and new players in the market.

Mar 03, 2022

Transform OTC with AI & ML powered dispute management


Rohit Sinha, Director, Digital Process Operations

Order to Cash value is the only organic means for a business to generate cash for the business and managing it efficiently can impact and improve both customer and financial operations of

Feb 14, 2022

Fast-track to the future of F&A


Sameer Ahluwalia, Vice President, Global lead – Growth Practices and Capabilities, DPO

The last two years have been a time for rapid innovation and adaptation for finance and accounting services.

Sep 27, 2021

Redefining the future of Lending Solutions


Kumar Alok Upadhyay, Market Lead, Digital Process Operations

The lending solutions industry is in the midst of a new awakening. Advanced technologies have given lenders the opportunity to improve efficiencies. Software tools, such as HCL’s EXACTOTM are integrating machine learning with automation to handle…
Recent Fintech innovations, including app development, reveal a new precedent for the financial services industry - delivering faster, better, and more real-time and secure banking experiences. With bank-to-bank (B2B) transactions, however, such a…

Sep 03, 2021

Machine-Human Coexistence in the New Normal


Ritesh Jain, Vice President and Head of Automation

Technology has enabled enterprises to re-imagine their established business hierarchy. The focus is now on achieving preparedness, agility, and scalability in the organization. With technology, enterprises are aiming to build future resilience…
The face of lending has changed ¾ from large banks and financial institutions to online consumer and lenders. With the pandemic mandating social distancing and lockdowns, businesses and individuals are looking for lenders that can perform the…

Jul 13, 2021

How AI is playing a role at Investment Banks and Capital Markets Trading Desks


Kinsuk Mitra, Director of Finance, Risk and Compliance

The LIBOR scandal which made headlines in 2012 revealed traders at major international banking institutions in the U.S. and the U.K. acted in collusion to manipulate the London Interbank Offer rate (LIBOR). This revelation which was thought to…