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Technology | Big Data and Analytics
AI in Publishing and Information

Nov 25, 2019

AI in Publishing and Information Services

Kannan Janardhanan - Senior Director
Senior Director
Publishing and information services organizations can deliver customer value by curating contextualized content and mining for actionable insights from both structured and unstructured big data. Largely unstructured, big data is spread across emails...
Transforming Customer Experience

Nov 01, 2019

Transforming Customer Experience and Business Operations with Analytics: The HCL Advantage

Sadanand S Mudgur - Analytics Leader
Analytics Leader
Great customer experience, speed, and accuracy are the current needs of today’s next-gen enterprises. The generic “one-size-fits-all” approach no longer works as a response for the modern customer. In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (...
Apache Kafka

Sep 23, 2019

Apache Kafka – A Distributed Messaging System

Ashutosh Singh - Senior Technical Lead
Senior Technical Lead
Apache Kafka is a highly scalable, wicked fast and fault-tolerant messaging system used for real time streaming applications and real time data processing. Apache Kafka is an open source publish-subscribe based messaging system responsible for...
Next gen Data

Sep 13, 2019

Next-Gen Data Operations: Making Enterprises Become Insight Driven

Venkata Krishna C - Global Solutions Lead - Data and Analytics
Global Solutions Lead - Data and Analytics
Organizations need data that is available, accessible, consumable, and actionable. However, with increasing business complexity, achieving this outcome is easier said than done. Organizations need customized solutions that resolve complexity and...

Jul 29, 2019

Implementing Process Automation at the Right Time

Bhavdeep Singh Sethi - AVP & Head Intelligent Automation Practice, HCL Digital Process Operations
AVP & Head Intelligent Automation Practice
The constant evolution of smart technologies and changing customer expectations has irrevocably transformed the business landscape. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and analytics have fundamentally changed business processes and...
Conversational Commerce

Jul 03, 2019

Conversational Commerce

Shiva Mathur - Vice President -Retail CPG
Vice President -Retail CPG
The concept of conversational commerce has been around since 2015-16. Today, to go beyond interacting with a customer on an app or via text message, IT companies are building a voice-based retail ecosystem to deliver greater value to the customer....
Robo Advisory

Jun 10, 2019

Reimagining Retail Investments with Robo-Advisory in the 21st Century

Vishwanath Rao - AVP & Client Partner
AVP & Client Partner
Reimagining Retail Investments with Robo-Advisory in the 21st Century The world of finance and investments is constantly evolving, as is the market for retail investment services. From the earliest telephonic exchanges to AI-driven volume trading...
hybrid cloud

May 09, 2019

Hybrid Cloud DR Strategy

Mandeep Singh - Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
DRaaS helps an enterprise to manage their overall consolidation DR plan and its execution from a single site whether on-site or cloud, cloud being the top of the choice. As the number of cloud-based DR offerings grows every day, Disaster Recovery as...

Apr 30, 2019

The Rise of Personalized Medicine with Predictive Analytics

Pawan Sohi - AVP, Customer Advocacy, Life Sciences and Healthcare
AVP, Customer Advocacy
Predictive analytics has the potential to enhance value-based care for patients while also driving down costs for payers and providers. As value-based care becomes the norm, next gen enterprises need to leverage predictive analytics to improve...


Working of Internet of Things (IoT) Wearable Devices

Mar 03, 2015

The Internet of Things and the Principle of Great Expectations

GH Rao - President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)
President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)
Cognitive Solutions

Feb 01, 2019

Cognitive Solutions Powering Data Marketplaces

Venkata Krishna C - Global Solutions Lead - Data and Analytics
Global Solutions Lead - Data and Analytics
Digital data ecosystems are undergoing a paradigm shift. We need to adopt a Data Fabric approach to make data more accessible and actionable across the enterprise. Data marketplaces in a cognitive world don’t have to simply be “one stop shops” but...

Sep 23, 2016

Mastering Omni-channel Retail: Digitally Powering Operations

Michael Romero - Global Principal - BeyonDIGITAL
Global Prinicipal
This blog post dwells on the challenges that make customers hesitant to embark on the SAP S/4 HANA implementation journey. It also discusses the key steps service providers need to take to alleviate current challenges and how HCL could simplify the...
We need Deep Data, not Big Data

Jan 13, 2015

We need Deep Data, not Big Data

Ravi Sankar C J - Vice President
Vice President
In an article titled, “How big data can revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D”, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that applying big-data strateg
AI assistants

Mar 27, 2017

Can AI Assistants become the New Face of Insurance Apps

Sarath Selvaraj - Business Analyst, HCL Insurance Practice Domain
Business Analyst
One of the most important tasks organizations face is providing customer service, and insurers are no different. Imagine a situation where a customer is looking to change the beneficiary in a policy. In the existing scenario, the customer has to...
Big Data

Nov 29, 2017

Big Data – Big Bang Revolution in the Insurance Arena

R.Shanmuganathan - Senior Business Analyst
Senior Business Analyst
Insurance Industry is replete with Data and Big Data Analytics helps insurers determine and foresee the risks based on the Data garnered across departments and from a wide spectrum of sources viz., customer Interactions and Social media, Government...
Retailers & Consumer Brands

Aug 09, 2018

Retailers & Consumer Brands: Emerging Opportunities for Data Collaboration

Abhishek Kalra - Solution Director, eCommerce, Omnichannel & Digital | Retail & CPG Industries
Solution Director
While retailers want to win with predictive analytics leveraging Big Data, consumer goods companies are gradually driving direct relationships with the consumers.
Future Testing

Jan 15, 2019

Mode 2 Technologies and Future Testing

Sunil Srivastava - General Manager
General Manager
Next Generation Technologies like Cloud computing, AI, robotics, big data, and analytics have substantially impacted the way QA and testing are performed. Digital disruption is forcing organisations to innovate as the delivery cycle time is...
Harnessing data analytics

Sep 16, 2016

Harnessing data analytics to enhance customer experience and reduce churn

Anil Ganjoo - Corporate Vice President & Head Telecom, Media & Entertainment
Corporate Vice President & Head Telecom, Media & Entertainment
This blog underlines how CSPs can use analytics tools to glean actionable insights on subscriber behavior and engagement, for personalizing products and services, and thereby, converting customers into brand ambassadors


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