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Building resilient and future-ready supply chain ecosystem
April 01, 2021

Organizations must recognize the importance of the supply chain’s fundamental characteristics to address the impact of unprecedented events, such as COVID-19, and safeguard against future disruptions. These characteristics, including resilience and responsiveness can be institutionalized through strategic transformation.

The global pandemic has taught us many lessons on the importance of being prepared to address unprecedented situations. In particular, global supply chains witnessed disruptions owing to lockdowns, trade restrictions, quarantined factories, and production plant shutdowns, etc. Consumers moved away from brick-and-mortar to online shopping and prioritized need versus want, creating a landmark shift in purchase behavior. The need for resilient, compliant, and agile supply chain operations based on touchless transactions and error-proof processes to satisfy end-user demands cannot be overstated.

At HCLTech, we have encountered similar situations while working with multiple clients. As partners, we helped them move toward a resilient supply chain ecosystem by bringing in the latest and greatest intelligent automation tools, technologies, and solutions.

We understand that resilience requires transformation, and as a transformation services partner, we start with scanning of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) ecosystem. This includes assessing organizational goals/vision, historical performance, organization structure, the market and competitive landscape, demographics, business performance tracking, IT landscape, current transformation maturity, and availability of skill sets to support the digital transformation strategy etc. We then agree and deploy the right set of transformational levers with a clear mindset of achieving touchless operations.

HCLTech has helped a global hi-tech equipment manufacturing organization to bring resilience within their supply chain management operations. We enabled this change through geo re-rebalancing — a consolidation of nearshore and onshore locations to a centralized offshore delivery location. Processes were reimagined by bringing the latest intelligent automation solutions to enable touchless supply chain management operations. During the pandemic, we built a fast-track response to address disruptions and further strengthen business operations for the potential future-ready supply chain organization.

HCLTech optimizes supply chain operations by leveraging integrated transformational solutions (people plus technology), which further result in a future-ready supply chain management ecosystem.

HCLTech optimizes supply chain operations by leveraging integrated transformational solutions (people plus technology), which further result in a future-ready supply chain management ecosystem.

We have achieved the following benefits for our client:

  • 40-50% savings in managing procurement and manufacturing support function
  • 8-10% savings in addressable spend
  • 40-50% automation of manual activities

To build resiliency from within and lay the cornerstone for iEnterprise of the future, we create well-tested solutions, frameworks, and accelerators such as:

  • Consult-to-operate approach
  • Workforce elasticity through trained and skilled supply chain management experts and advisory board
  • 'Business Process-as-a Service' model — such as demand and supply chain planning, source to pay, order management, aftermarket support, engineering support services, and master data management etc. Industry-specific innovation like direct-to-consumer route for retail client powered by 'HCLTech-Commerce' applications to handle end-to-end e-commerce
  • Self-funded, cutting-edge digital transformation solutions such as cognitive automation, AI, advanced analytics, smart workflows, and self-serve solutions

HCLTech is looking forward to supporting more businesses in designing, deploying, and transforming their supply chain management operations. This will bring benefits such as reduced cost, higher visibility, and improved end-user experience. To know more, download the Digital door: Gateway to iENTERPRISE newsletter here: /white-papers/digital-process-operations/digital-door-gateway-ienterprise

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