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Cognitive Product Support – Recalibrating Customer Experiences
August 02, 2016

The transformation at the gates

In an era of widespread digitalization, organizations are consistently striving to offer evolved experiences to their customers. Businesses must therefore try and adopt a revolutionary new approach – become 21st Century Enterprises characterized by ‘experience-centricity, agility, service and outcome based orientation’.

Thus, modern product ecosystems are marked by a plethora of factors: faster product rollouts, truncated product lifecycles, disruptive technologies and changing business models. Additionally, robotic automation, analytics, and self-learning are now at the helm of product support transformation.

And in tandem with the above, “As-a-Service” players are storming the market, changing the landscape at the speed of light.

How do modern companies adapt and acclimatize to this aggressive transformational roadmap?

We believe the future lies with smart innovation – integrated within the developmental schematic, simplifying product support as an ideal, driving customer satisfaction.

Evaluating impact – Customer Support and Enterprise Success

Technology has truly empowered the customer.

End-users dictate product promotions and endorsements. In fact, a Forrester assessment suggests that merely 10% enhancement in a company’s customer experience score-card could turn into over $1 billion in incremental revenues and other benefits.

In fact, weak customer support attributes to $83 billion in lost revenues every year.

Not only does great support services enable customer retention, 7 out of 10 consumers are willing to spend 13% more with companies offering improved customer support.

The writing on the wall is succinct: beyond features and functionalities, the thrust is now principally on the ‘quality, integrity and value of the overall experience’; and product support is a key element of the experience delivery package.

Delivering Product Support at the Speed of Thought

Our central argument then is simple - how do companies leverage technology to deliver a thoroughly refurbished support platform – and in time, exceed the same, moving in sync with the customer’s demand curve?

Artificial Intelligence rests at the baseline of this new paradigm.

The HCLTech approach is crafted around three principal pillars:

  • AutoBot Framework employing Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Knowledge Engineering
  • Robust Feedback Analytics geared with insight-sharing dashboards to elevate customer experience

HCLTech’s Cognitive Product Support engine grafts an analytics-driven intelligence layer to the existing support systems. This helps to capture, analyze and interpret the composite journey.

The solution is also equipped with over a hundred customizable dashboards, can be integrated with popular CRM & ALM tools, offers a responsive UI. It also stretches the ambit beyond mere cost savings to effective resource planning and optimized Value Per Interaction.

Organizations can now expect consistent, high quality service every time, with rapid resolution timelines. Support and management teams are also left free to focus on important tasks, reducing operational costs and improving productivity gains. Analytics driven forecasting enhances ticket management capabilities, while driving down ticket volumes by 5-10%.

The Technology is aimed at upgrading the product support structure by transforming people dependent outcomes into process dependent outcomes.

HCLTech’s Cognitive Product Support enables enterprises to understand customers better, learn from their behavior, use data to develop customized solutions, extend predictive assistance to customers – and foster an end-to-end culture of customer-centricity.

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