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Connect the efficiency dots your own way

Connect the efficiency dots your own way
January 17, 2019

In the current fast-moving world, intelligent automation is a need felt by almost all organizationsIn the current fast-moving world, automation is a need felt by almost all organizations and so has been initiated in multiple pockets within the organization. Though this does give some improvements, there is definitely an opportunity to make 1 and 1 as 11…

When these intelligent automation solutions integrate or hand shake with other solutions or tools, the possibility of addressing efficiency improvements across end-to-end process is multiplied. The challenges that we may encounter are the disparate underlying systems, communication protocols, and traditional style or mode of operations.

What will become a need is how efficiently and effectively can we connect the underlying solutions and other third-party accelerators, and address the process as a whole.

We realized that a majority of the companies continue with their separate and non-integrated processes across the PDLC. This introduces a lot of manual processes or steps in coordinating between the groups and may also lead to delay or misses.

To consider one of the instances, the integration need is being felt strongly is with the advent of IoT between the PLM and ALM tools. Product companies, using ALM and product lifecycle management tools, need to bring together their processes and tools for managing both software and hardware development to maximize Return on Investment.

So, with this current trend, we see the need for the following to be addressed among the product companies –

  1. Adaptable and Scalable platform to integrate with third-party tools.
  2. Data extraction across multiple sources of the data in different formats.
  3. Intelligent Insights and recommendations based on the processing done on the extracted data from related data sources.

The intertwining of the above three at the right phases of the product lifecycle, without impacting the existing ecosystem or operation, is critical.

We see a need of a platform that can help in required transformation –


We, at HCL, have built one such platform that is envisioned to help address the above-mentioned challenges and also help in accelerating the automation journey across the product lifecycle. This has been enabled with out-of-box use cases, and connectors that can be customized and brought to action in a few days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the processes to be addressed.

The vision of the platform is to address the end-to-end testing and sustenance sustain product lifecycle seamlessly and efficiently

The vision of the platform is to address the end-to-end testing and sustain product lifecycle seamlessly and efficiently, with a focus on minimal coding and self-learning capabilities. This encourages engineers to quickly develop and deploy solutions to address their compelling bottlenecks in the shortest possible time. More details on the platform in my next blog..