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Okta’s announcement that at least 366 of its customers were affected by the recent Lapsus$ security breach is still being digested by the SaaS market.

Apr 05, 2022

The critical need for API security


Abhimanyu Biswas, Associate Consultant, Cybersecurity & GRC Services

The pandemic has been an eye-opener for many cybersecurity professionals. With an unprecedented rise in cyberattacks and data breaches, the fragility of traditional enterprise technology has come into the spotlight.

Mar 03, 2022

Managing compliance assertion in dynamic business environment


Mayank Trivedi, General Manager, Cybersecurity & GRC Services

With the ever-evolving landscape of information security risk and compliance standards and regulations,

Oct 01, 2021

Risk-Based Audits and Automation


Mayank Trivedi, General Manager, Cybersecurity & GRC Services

Cybersecurity, privacy, confidentiality, and compliance are becoming the most discussed topics in the corporate world. But many organizations are still trying to find the right balance in either adopting the practices or educating themselves and the…
Among the several factors that enterprises consider when they choose cloud, optimizing costs is right on top. However, enterprises often fail to make this business casework due to not being able to account for network and security during the…
It is estimated that as much as 90% of the data we generate daily is unstructured. But what are unstructured data and why is it important? Unstructured data are exactly that – unstructured; it can be emails, word documents, excel sheets, meeting…

Sep 28, 2021

Ransomware paradox and the regulations


Jatin Arora, Director, Cybersecurity & GRC Services

Ransomware is not going away– at least anytime soon. It is important that the organizations gauge their readiness by doing their risk assessments and taking appropriate corrective actions to face this unknown enemy terrain. It is also imperative…

Sep 21, 2021

Can ML help to improve Cybersecurity


Yadav Pawan Jiyalal, Senior Software Engineer

This blog creates awareness about how one can use Machine learning algorithms in the field of cybersecurity. In 2018 alone, there were 10.5 billion malware attacks, whereas, in 2019 and 2020, there were 9.9 and 5.6 billion malware attacks,…

Aug 31, 2021

Operational Technology (OT) Security Debunked


Anand Edke, Sales Director, Cybersecurity & GRC Services

A new-age industrial revolution to protect the world from cybercrimes has begun. The recent events of cybercrime in the first few months of 2021, have impacted critical operations and led to a series of reactive regulations and policies put in place…