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Digital Transformation and Branding in the Next Generation Enterprise

Digital Transformation and Branding in the Next Generation Enterprise
January 11, 2017

Co-author: Deepika Choudhary

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about a brand? I think that it’s the trust in the products or services that the company has provided to its customers over a period of time. It may take years for a company to build that trust in the services they have to offer. But for the next generation enterprise where everything is so dynamic, one has to invest a significant amount of effort to build the brand value, and that too in a short span of time, because you cannot afford to lose your valuable customers as well as the new business opportunities.

Interacting with your customers and learning from them should be the first priority for any business. You have to build a platform to support all your integrated efforts so that you can hear from each and every one of them.


With the increase in smart and portable devices, everyone is connected to the internet. This also results in a lot of noise, but you must be able to distinguish noise from the voice of your customer. You also have to make sure that you are listening to your customers and responding to their needs and requirements. Everything is online these days and the world is in a paradigm shift from analog to digital, which is evolving at a very fast pace

Today, to create meaningful conversations and engagement with the customer, one must undergo a digital transformation. This can be achieved by keep a check on the following aspects:-

Understanding Paid, Owned, and Earned Media

Paid media includes TV ads, banners, radio advertisement etc. which is for general consumers. Owned Media includes the official website, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and newsletters which are generally for customers. Earned media includes customer reviews, editorials, word of mouth, and other blogs which create brand evangelizers. Digital marketing is a playing field which will set the future of marketing.


Consistency across all channels

It is said that trust is built with consistency. If your social media channels are consistent, then your visitors from all the mediums will form a positive chain reaction and the positive reviews will keep on flowing. Having a common description across all channels about your offerings will help users to easily find you. It will help to create great experiences for them and they will keep coming because they trust your credibility. You should try to focus on your brand values and stay authentic with your conversations.

Social media channels must reflect the character/persona, tone, language & purpose of your brand

Your audience will keep on waiting for your updates just as everyone is excited to watch the next episode of their favorite TV show.

Content Marketing

Communicating and communicating while maintaining relationships with the customer; there is a noticeable difference isn’t it? Maintaining two-way relationships with consumers along with developing content which is interesting, creates value, and creates opportunities for interaction is Content Marketing. A true value exchange creates loyal customers. The focus of Content Marketing in on Engagement Model, not on Sales Model.


According to the Content Marketing Institute 2014

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action. “


Content which is compelling can help you to drive traffic to your owned media assets which include the official website, blogs, and social media channels through organic search. The time investment in creating valuable content can drive customer conversation and generate positive reviews. Brands can create content by leveraging their history, heritage, personality, and knowledge. An emotional connection between the organization and the customer builds the success of the content marketing strategy and to create an emotional connection, research, planning and time investment is a must.

Defining Target Audience

Have you played a game of Darts? You have to aim in order to hit the target and your aim should be to hit the bull’s eye. There are personal preferences of each and every individual, and your target should not be to please everyone around you. Brands should invest proper time in understanding their target audience and work accordingly to hit the right target. To hit the deck, the focus should be on establishing a path with the audience you are planning to serve. Once the path is set, you should categorize them within an industry and focus on sales.


Brand Value

HCL Tech, being the digital transformation partner of Manchester United, works together to transform the experiences of 659 million global followers worldwide and create digital experiences which are evolving the digital landscape of the sport. HCL Tech is also ranked 8th in LinkedIn’s first-ever Top Attractors List where professionals want to work now. This is what a global next generation enterprise looks like - one which continuously transforms itself and creating valuable digital experiences for everyone. The only question is: Are you ready for this digital transformation?


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