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Do you want to deliver quality software faster and with greater efficiency?

Do you want to deliver quality software faster and with greater efficiency?
April 24, 2017

If yes, you are not alone. We know that many teams adopting a DevOps approach to software development are often tripped up by a variety of bottlenecks that prevent them from reaching maximum efficiency. Some of these bottlenecks are ineffective collaboration, manual deployments, incomplete test labs, lack of test automation, and slow hand-offs.

Areas Where DevOps Comes Into Play

There are many areas in which DevOps come into play.  For illustrative purposes, we’d like to highlight a few examples.

DevOps for Speedy Application Development

This is certainly the most well known.  Most people think of DevOps as assuring quality and auditability in the development cycle through automation and repeatability.  But of course that assurance also allows for speed because the fewer mistakes you make, the faster the process can be. 

With a well thought out #DevOps strategy, enterprises can achieve rapid #innovation & reduced costs

DevOps for Monitoring

A little more granular in the DevOps relm is monitoring.  Within any software development lifecycle, or any IT operations organization for that matter, there are actual systems running to make things happen.  Systems need to be up and running for developers to have something to develop on, and systems need to be up and running for applications from e-commerce, to source code management, to test environments, and to internal wikis, to run and drive productivity.  From a DevOps point of view, a well-oiled machine should be able to:

  • Manage the performance, availability and capacity of your applications
  • Quickly respond to failures when they occur
  • Analyze ratings and reviews to act fast

DevOps for Cloud

Cloud is a big buzz word over the last few years.  But we all know the cloud is just another data center, albeit usually larger and supporting a more diverse set of applications.  And there are obvious specialty needs for managing the cloud, so appropriately, we need to think about DevOps from this perspective as well.  The objective here are to:

  • Gain visibility, across public and private clouds
  • Manage configurations, components and versions
  • Increase transparency and manage governance and compliance

Continuous Improvement

DevOps, like any other IT endeavor is not a black box product that you buy, install, and forget.  Continuous improvement is always the underlying goal.  To this end, DevOps professionals have organized conferences for like minded people to share and learn.

To help, we have put together several roundtable and networking events. This is a chance for you to talk about DevOps approaches with experts from IBM, partners, and customers. Our goal is to share how you can remove these bottlenecks and deliver innovation continuously.

So what do we cover at these events? Here are the highlights:

  • Building the business case for DevOps transformation including Hybrid Cloud
  • Best practices to help you advance on your #DevOps journey
  • Cultural challenges which can stifle an organization’s DevOps transformation
  • Continuous testing in production-like test environments

  • Automating application deployment and release management
  • Real customer case studies, including people, process and product implications
  • Demos showing how to define, wire, and automate continuous application delivery

And here is what one of our attendees had to say about these events:

“I attended the DevOps Networking Event in Portland, OR and it blew my mind. I enjoyed the opportunity to network with local colleagues that are also focused on DevOps. This is the future of IT!”
-Nick Wylde, DevOps Specialist, Daimler

A typical agenda starts with a breakfast and networking, followed by an introduction to DevOps, a case study, a subject matter expert point of view, open discussion, lunch, a demonstration, and wrap up.

As a client advocate and someone passionate about all things testing, I know you won’t want to miss these events. 

By the way, we keep adding new events so be sure to bookmark this post and check back often.

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