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Drive Continuous Innovation and Unlock Business Value by Reimagining Your Cloud Capabilities
August 11, 2021

In the push for enterprise-wide digital transformation, cloud is no longer a secondary consideration. In fact, cloud is the pivot on which businesses look to shape their future for a competitive advantage. New-age, dynamic enterprises are now prioritizing their investments toward cloud-native applications and services.

As the global marketplace grows increasingly dynamic and challenging, enterprises are feeling the heat. They must maximize business value and push their operational frontiers, while ensuring tight security and a consistently positive digital experience. It is this impetus that lies at the heart of cloud adoption. However, things have not exactly panned out as expected. Business leaders often find themselves wondering if their cloud investments have been worth. There are many reasons behind the disappointment, chief among which is a failure to realize the full potential of cloud services to solve core business challenges.

As enterprises advance on their cloud journey, they need specialized cloud solution providers to help them overcome these challenges; in other words, a cloud service provider who can guide them in developing a comprehensive, future-facing cloud strategy. In that pursuit, HCLTech has developed the Cloud Smart strategy that accelerates cloud adoption by leveraging hyperscalers and factoring in the organization’s unique circumstances, goals, and overall business vision.

Recalibrating Cloud Strategies

An enterprise-wide cloud strategy involves multiple considerations from cost to time, and everything in between. Everyone who wishes to expand the cloud footprint will need to answer some questions, such as–

  • What do you want to achieve from migrating to the cloud?
  • What technologies would give you the best returns?
  • What challenges would you address if you adopt cloud?
  • What challenges you might have to face while adopting cloud?

Thus, to maximize returns from a cloud strategy, it is important to delve deeper into these questions.

In many cases,I’ve  seen that enterprises, depending on their vision and business objectives, direct varying amounts of their budgets toward cloud services adoption. However, there is often a discrepancy between the technological intent and the business outcomes. This is an issue that largely stems from inadequate communication and incomplete answers to the questions that follow. IT and business teams, along with cloud service providers, work in siloes without understanding each other’s requirements and limitations. As a result, technology expenses skyrocket without achieving the expected business results.

For years, enterprises were keen on the cloud-first approach, focusing on rapid, near-overnight adoption. In doing so, they neglected to transform their applications to fit the available cloud platform. Inevitably, this resulted in sub-optimal cloud benefits. In the hurry to adopt cloud services, enterprises often misread their multi-cloud readiness. They tried to avail the unique strengths of multiple cloud service providers in the quest to be as cost-effective as possible. As a result, they got stuck in an IT quagmire of overall cloud governance.

Lack of the requisite skillsets is another challenge. Cloud experts are in high demand and it takes time and effort to upskill in-house talent to be able to manage new cloud capabilities and infrastructure. Without the right people, even steep investments in cloud platforms will not yield the expected business outcomes. Finally, ever-changing government regulations, geographically diverse parameters, and evolving cyber threats can also prevent firms from realizing the full potential of cloud solutions.  

A good way to address these issues is to formulate an intelligent approach. HCLTech’s Cloud Smart approach is agile, scalable, AI-led, and enables you to focus on the business rather than just the IT. In this approach, cloud is regarded as the accelerator for business transformation. The framework design converges industry-best practices, ready-to-consume industry cloud solutions or hyperscalers, engineering services, industry IPs, and advanced tools to deliver complete servitization of all the capabilities of the cloud. The robust approach also leverages intelligent automation with a focus on developing and maintaining every aspect of platform delivery and management.

The Cloud Smart Promise: Optimizing Cloud for Maximum Business Value

In the VUCA  world, where businesses need to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous markets, HCLTech’s Cloud Smart is a ray of hope for a more sustainable and resilient future. With intelligent use of cloud services, including end-to-end planning, consulting, R&D, deployment, and change management support, Cloud Smart enables businesses to achieve their digital goals faster. Its pre-configured accelerators and partnerships allow enterprises to cost-effectively experiment with different products and services to find the best combination of servitization of the cloud. You can even reap greater gains from innovative value-added offerings to your customers. This is the promise of HCLTech. To sum it up, with HCLTech Cloud Smart, you benefit from: 

  1. Maximized business value: Our solution design identifies and eliminates constraints which restrict speed and agility. So organizations can meet their business goals quickly while reducing costs by making cloud the foundation for experimentation and innovation.
  2. Improved customer experience: The Cloud Smart strategy ensures servitization of every aspect of cloud delivery. So enterprises gain a virtually limitless toolkit to focus on customer experience. The servitization is made possible through aggressive automation, high observability, and a design thinking-led approach to address complex business scenarios.
  3. Modernized digital core: A reliable and secure cloud foundation with the ability to scale quickly on capacity and capability is paramount to business transformation. Through the Cloud Smart strategy, we help our customers design the right-fit cloud portfolio while strengthening it with intelligent automation and agile delivery.
  4. Continuity of innovation: The Cloud Smart strategy drives sustained cloud-based innovation by leveraging its ready-to-consume industry solutions, products, R&D capabilities, and industry-aligned partner ecosystem.
  5. A comprehensive cloud culture: The Cloud Smart strategy vitalizes the culture of agility, adaptability, and convergence within an enterprise. We accomplish this by ensuring seamless IT process transformation and implementing a methodology for skill transformation.
  6. A sustainable growth: Cloud Smart is designed for scalability in its core framework. It can support businesses at all stages of maturity, be it while adopting multi-cloud or a hybrid cloud model. The approach helps the enterprise servitize all aspects of their offerings in the new model for as many geographies and time zones as required.

With HCLTech’s leadership in infrastructure and cloud services, vast experience with global enterprises, and a robust partner ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers reap the most out of the adopted cloud culture.

As you expedite digital transformation initiatives within your enterprise, consider how HCLTech’s Cloud Smart strategy can help you deliver greater business value in the shortest amount of time. With HCLTech’s overall market-leading capabilities and partner ecosystem, you can rest assured that your cloud journey will help you achieve holistic and sustainable change.

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