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Dynamically Scaling Industries with Huge Gamut of Regression Challenges and Their Solution

Dynamically Scaling Industries with Huge Gamut of Regression Challenges and Their Solution
July 25, 2017

In the dynamically changing world, firms are increasingly getting competitive and trying to increase their global footprint. The need of the present hour is to scale up. Scaling can be at any level: enhancing operations, upgrading software, introducing new software in the present setup, and extending global reach, among others. Solutions such as regression make it possible to scale up to higher levels.

What are the various regression requirements for various types of customers?

Regression refers to running several test cases, ensuring that the product or service doesn’t break! The two broad customer categories for regression are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Service Providers. OEMs develop various software upgrades or additional accessories/parts. These version changes/upgrades require regression associated assistance in which thousands of test cases are run to ensure that the new product doesn’t disintegrate because of update or product/feature upgrade(s). Service Providers offer network itself as a solution. When one product in the network undergoes a change, all other products in the network shouldn’t crash. They should operate normally as per provided specifications. All products are to be tested.  Therefore, more complex regression suite for validation of devices is necessary. Here, the challenge is that we don’t know the process itself whereas in the case of OEM’s we know the process and have to optimize it.

What are the regression challenges faced?

The industry faces several challenges with respect to regression. In the process of regression, if we fix a bug, several others creep in. Among the several challenges faced, one is the low regression bug yield or longer cycle time and inadequate capacity to support regression needs. Other challenges include Automated Scripts and Hardware inventory maintenance issues or Test coverage and Automation gaps which result in customer-found regression defects (CFR).

At both human and machine levels, delayed detection of bugs during the closing phase of the regression cycle can cause a few regression iterations thereby resulting in output delays. Also, redundant investments in hardware and test infrastructures lead to increase in CAPEX and OPEX, apart from delayed output.

What does HCL have to offer in Regression and Automation?

At HCL, we ensure an effective and efficient regression testing solution for your regression problems with lower costs, high quality, and minimized time-to-market.

HCL, with around 20+ years of experience in working with several clients across industries, offers the best one-stop software testing and quality assurance solution that one may seek for regression challenges.

HCL’s expertise, frameworks, skillsets, and success-based partnership models yield sustainable business benefits like cost efficiency, operational excellence, and sustainable flow of revenue.

Our Automation solutions facilitate easy maintenance, monitoring, and traceability of the scripts resulting in . We thereby assist in reducing manual efforts to improve the turnaround time. We are equipped to deal with cost effective regression testing solutions by HCL are a result of sheer hard work and due diligence by HCL employees, who for years have worked to improve the outputs and get several quality certifications for the organization. They include and are not limited to TL 9000- R5.5/R5.0, CMMI- SVC V1.3- L5, 6 Sigma, arKMedes, and ISO to name a few. HCL is the world’s 1st organization assessed for Level 5 certification of CMMi namely CMMi L5 (Dev & Services + SSD) V1.3 and India’s 1st software services company to get certified for ISO 13485.

HCL – Beyond Regression?

A bug-free product is the most desirable to clients and their customers. Keeping this in mind, we at HCL, upon completion of the regression run, perform ‘Audits & Exploratory tests’ for an additional effort. These audits include aspects like usability, test coverage, among others in order to check for any bugs that may have crept into the finished product with the help of domain experts.

Therefore, our regression testing solutions ensure a final bug-free product package.