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Future of Monitoring

Future of Monitoring
June 22, 2016

Recent research says that more than 60 percent of Enterprises use more than 10 monitoring software to monitor all their applications and infrastructure. In the market, there is no single software available which monitors all the entities, including the application, its database, third part libraries, code, hardware etc. Some companies provide monitoring capability for all entities, but in a scattered manner, small pieces of software to monitor different entity. But with much software it is impossible to get a single picture of everything that is causing issue in your system.

The market need is to have a single software which will monitor all entities from start to end with less manual intervention. The software should have capabilities to auto discover components and configure the software in such a manner that it starts monitoring all the discovered components without any user configuration. It means that the software should also have the capability of inbuilt default thresholds for all the monitoring check points.

Nowadays, systems state evolves with time over a state space, so our monitoring software should have the capability to discover changes at run time, and do the necessary changes in the software accordingly.



Easy debugging - To analyze any issue with so many tools, how do you know where to look first? Which entity is causing an issue in the application performance and which is not? With a single piece of software, it will be easy for the user to reach the exact cause of the issue.

Ease of use – The user can easily install the software without in-depth understanding of the different components such as the database and hardware used. There is no need to hire a highly skilled person to work on software, so overall cost on resources will reduce.

Install time reduction - One installation will be sufficient. A user does not need to install different software for different component. The overall cost of installation will reduce.

Easy Maintenance – With a single piece of software it will be easy for user to maintain instead of a multiple pieces of software.

Hurdles to Adoption

Despite of so many benefits of Unified Monitoring cost is biggest obstacle to adopting a new technology. Other obstacles can be learning and using new technology and compatibility with existing systems.