HCL Guidewire Systems Integrator WIN – The NLC Story | HCLTech

HCL Guidewire Systems Integrator WIN – The NLC Story

HCL Guidewire Systems Integrator WIN – The NLC Story
October 14, 2015

Authored By Deborah S. Osborn Gordon S Sanders

Over the past 11 years HCLTech has made a significant investment in developing a solid, hands-on Guidewire capability with a supporting Center-of-Excellence.  Based on these competences and several successful claims implementations, HCLTech has won one of the first Guidewire InsuranceSuite implementations at NLC.  HCLTech has brought not only a significant offshore COE capability to NLC, but also insurance expertise, not just technology expertise for their core systems transformations, innovations, and modernization.  Additionally, we were selected based on our ability to deliver an Agile, lean implementation of OOTB Guidewire functionality, accelerators for conversion/migration process, as well as ensuring a seamless systems integration solution

HCLTech recognizes that the value of Guidewire is not only in the ability to bring products to market more quickly, but also to utilize its platform for extending insurers outreach to new markets and policyholders via Digital experiences.  We also believe that the use of advanced analytics is a progressive way of utilizing the Guidewire platform and are therefore committed to delivering a series of modern data hub ‘plug-ins’.

in the end, NLC believes that HCLTech can implement the entire InsuranceSuite quickly and cost effectively while simultaneously launching them into the ‘new world’ of Big Data and enhanced Digitalization.

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