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How are Telco and cable companies leveraging Generative AI

Telco and cable companies are currently utilizing Generative AI for enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience aiding network optimization, predictive maintenance and fraud detection
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Rishi S Varma


Rishi S Varma
Sales Director
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Generative AI, including ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs), is considered one of the most revolutionary technological breakthroughs since the inception of the internet. The potential of this technology is so profound that it can disrupt not only the functioning of businesses and enterprises but also shape a significant turning point in the evolution of humanity and our interactions with technology.

Although Generative AI technology is still in its early stages, enterprises are already finding ways to harness its potential. In the telecommunications and cable industry, HCLTech has observed extensive applications of and ChatGPT across various stages of their value chains. Here are a few examples of how our customers and partners are leveraging this technology.

Internal enterprise use cases:

  1. Network optimization: Gen AI is deployed to analyze data from network sensors to identify potential issues before they occur. This enables telecom providers to preemptively address problems and prevent outages. For example, companies are using Gen AI to predict network congestion and proactively reroute traffic to avoid outages. 5G networks began to roll out in 2019 and, by 2025, are predicted to have more than 1.8 billion subscribers worldwide – 20% of global connections. Gen AI has a pivotal role in helping CSPs build self-optimizing networks (SONs) to support this growth. As global leaders in Managed Network services, we at HCLTech leverage Gen AI in our Adaptive Network Optimization solution and our automated NetBOT monitoring solutions to lead the creation of self-healing networks for Telcos.
  2. Predictive maintenance: Gen AI-driven predictive analytics assist telecom companies in offering better services by employing data, complex algorithms, and machine learning techniques to forecast future outcomes grounded in historical data. This allows operators to utilize data-driven insights to oversee the state of equipment and predict failure based on patterns. The incorporation of Gen AI in telecommunications permits CSPs to preemptively resolve issues with communications hardware, ranging from cell towers and power lines to data center servers and even set-top boxes in customers' homes.
  3. Fraud detection and prevention: Gen AI has a key role in detecting and reporting instances of fraud across a myriad of scenarios. One such use case lies in detecting and preventing SIM-swapping fraud; Gen AI scrutinizes SIM card usage patterns, including sudden changes in location, device type and calling behavior. Gen AI further aids in guarding against unauthorized network access by monitoring network activity and identifying unusual usage patterns. Moreover, Gen AI can detect and prevent bill fraud by examining customer billing data, spotting unusual patterns or anomalies and promptly flagging any suspicious activities. These are just some of the many areas where Gen AI can contribute to fraud detection and prevention.

External customer use cases:

  1. Customer service automation and virtual assistants: With the advent of Gen AI-powered chatbots, businesses can cater to customer inquiries and resolve issues without any human intervention. This can relieve customer service representatives from handling routine and repetitive queries, allowing them to dedicate their efforts to more complex customer issues. For instance, Verizon leverages Gen AI to power its Virtual Assistant, which helps customers with billing, service plans and technical support. In the same vein, we offer Clara, an NLP-based intelligent chatbot that enables customers to address their service-related concerns themselves.
  2. Customer recommendations for cross-sell and up-sell: Gen AI utilizes advanced customer data analysis and profiling to generate personalized content recommendations, customized offerings and bundles. This enhances the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and reduces the cost of customer acquisition.
  3. Voice assistants and natural language interfaces: Gen AI can be leveraged by telecom and cable companies to create natural language interfaces for their services. This enables customers to interact with devices, services and applications through voice commands or text. By integrating voice assistants into their set-top boxes and services, companies can greatly improve the overall user experience.
  4. Training and education: Gen AI can be used to create interactive training modules and educational content for employees and customers, including the ability to create personalized training plans and interactive e-learning for employees and Gen AI-led creation through updating user manuals and to-dos for customers.



Get ready to redefine customer experiences with Gen AI and telecom’s combined prowess



From their internal network operations to every aspect of the customer experience, Gen AI touches almost all aspects of the telco and cable value chain. We at HCLTech offer to customers yearning to ideate, innovate and produce production-grade Gen AI technology for prototyping and developing both internal and external customer use cases.

As Gen AI technologies mature and are increasingly adopted by telcos and their end customers, many more use cases and applications will emerge. How are you using Gen AI within your enterprise? Visit to explore our industry-focused solutions on Gen AI.

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