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The Fundamental Review of Trading Book

Jan 02, 2017

The Fundamental Review of Trading Book

Deepti Chand Senior Business Manager

FRTB will impact banks and financial institutions across functions. These changes will affect business models, process systems, and infrastructure. Banks will be expected to upgrade their systems and infrastructure in preparation for the changes,...
cognitive computing

Dec 21, 2016

Bolstering Wealth Advisory Services through Cognitive Computing

Avinash Dave Global Practice Manager, Capital Markets Services, Financial Services

Cognitive computing, aka artificial intelligence, mimics the human brain while approaching a problem, and improvises based on previous learnings. These systems showcase remarkable problem solving capabilities using techniques of natural language...

Dec 08, 2016

Hybrid Architecture: exploring capacities and frameworks

Nagaraj Sastry AVP and Solutions Leader for Data and Analytics, Digital & Analytics

Big Data is clearly a priority for adoption, but despite positive POCs, organizations are concerned about certain possible impediments which can be addressed by hybrid architecture. Learn about the different layers which work together to create this...
Present day Industry & its complexities

Nov 25, 2016

Deciphering HOLOLENS - Glimpse into Mixed reality.

Sherry Sharma Management Trainee- CB-CS-TMPE- Solutions

HoloLens can revolutionize the way we interact with the world. It varies from the concepts and products already prevalent in augmented reality. Even with all that we know about HoloLens, it is quite evident that it possesses something of a mystery....
Cold chain
The global IT spending in cold chain logistics market are now increasing at tremendous rate Operative management of temperature-sensitive products ,Stringent regulatory and compliance norms and the need to enhance connectivity and reduce energy...

Nov 11, 2016

How Telecom Operators Can Harness the Internet of Things

Anil Ganjoo Corporate Vice President, Telecom, Media & Entertainment

IoT can help Telecom operators deliver innovative, value added products and services, and end-to-end solutions, to its enterprise clients. Read this blog to know some of the potential monetization routes they can explore.
paradigm Shift Omni Channel retailing
Retailers can boost margins and customer engagement by focusing on multi channel retailing via select strategic channels, based on in-depth understanding of buyers, their journeys as well as unique business strengths.
The future of any customer-centric organization is now dependent on its capability to measure consumer reactions across touchpoints. This blog explores the marketers' conundrum in a multichannel environment and provides the success blueprint.
UK Water Industry
With the Open Water Act scheduled to take effect from April 2017, the UK water industry is preparing for a deregulated non-domestic market. The Act will give B2B water customers the flexibility to choose their own suppliers. What are the ways in...
A reflection of global changes
Looking at news , and finding yet another retailer shutting down few stores and declaring bankruptcy is new normal, which makes us think about future of retail. To think of it, the consumption patterns may change , but consumption and trade – both...
Conversational Commerce
A Relationship with the customer is built over a series of interactions, conversations and experiences. In order to build this relationship, businesses need to be present in the same medium and speak the same language as the customer and the...
Blockchain is a disruptive concept in the current financial scenario that could change the current state of affairs. It has the potential to bring to the forefront new ways of handling money and transactions. Blockchain enables P2P (Peer-to-Peer)...
Retailers Reinvent
Mainstream retail is dead, or so the doomsday sayers would like everyone to believe. As mobile apps and ecommerce keep gaining traction worldwide in an era of on-demand consumption, traditional brick-and-mortar chains have no future, critics argue....
National Pension System
The government is considering migrating employees from the compulsory Employees Provident Scheme (EPF) to National Pension System (NPS). EPF currently enjoys EEE (Exempt, Exempt, Exempt) tax concession. As per current provisions, withdrawals under...

Sep 15, 2016

Understanding Blockchain-Part 2

Santosh Kumar Head – Fintech innovation

Traditional payment systems lack transparency and are open to fraud due to presence of middlemen. Satoshi created a consensus mechanism to craft Bitcoins for the blockchain to leverage the anonymity of peer-to-peer sharing. 
Barriers Breaking
Until a few years ago, the retail industry was a fairly straightforward one. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies manufactured and distributed products and retailers finally sold them to end customers. Relationships between consumers and the...
Channel Sufring
Offering anywhere/anytime connectivity to your brand is great but do you know how many of your consumers are actually speaking with you? You may be surprised to learn it’s a much smaller number than you thought (or want). Are you reaping the rewards...

The convergence of AR, VR with IoT
Abhishek Bansal - Deputy Manager – Industry Solutions for Telecom, Media and Entertainment | January 30, 2017

Tech Giants have invested heavily in building IoT platforms and OEMs have launched AR/VR headsets providing some very unique consumer experiences. While IoT devices collect billions of real-world data points for analysis and visualization, VR/AR is helping the end users visualize the analyzed results thus providing unparalleled benefits.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance & Enhanced Security with Nice Actimize
Manu Agarwal - Senior Business Analyst | January 30, 2017

The changing face of financial crimes has compelled organizations to review their security and financial crime management systems. Nice Actimize is one of the pioneers in providing security and risk and compliance solutions to leading financial institutions. Actimize facilitates anti-money laundering detection, deploys trading surveillances to detect payment frauds, and offers a host of services to obtain real-time actionable insights.

Driving In-Store Traffic and Conversions with Mobile Technologies
Soumyajyoti Sinha Ray - Global Engagement Manager, Digital, Retail & CPG Industries | January 17, 2017

U.S. store sales fell 11% on an 11.4% decline in store traffic for the retail calendar month ended in November, while Thanksgiving and Black Friday online sales were $5.27 billion, up 18% from a year earlier. How can you then reverse this trend and get the zing back into your stores? The answer lies in better understanding rapidly changing customer behavior, as reflected in the omnipresence of smartphones