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Aug 02, 2016

Understanding Blockchain

Santosh Kumar Head – Fintech innovation

In this digital age, technology is at the heart of everything.The explosion in online commerce is creating more opportunities for cybercrime. Trust is a major challenge, and understanding blockchain technology is the first step towards facing it
Enabling OTT Landscape

Aug 02, 2016

The Future of Content Consumption: Navigating the OTT Landscape

Anil Ganjoo Corporate Vice President, Telecom, Media & Entertainment

Over the top providers have shifted content consumption patterns creating an epochal shift in the Media & entertainment industry. Can the industry catch up with customer expectations?

Jul 22, 2016

Blockchain: The New Kid on the Financial Services Block

Rahul Singh President, Financial Services

Blockchain is a transformative application impacting all industries, particularly financial services. While some banks have embraced it, most are yet to realize its potential. By not adopting blockchain, firms stand to concede ground to emerging...
Robo Advisors in Finance

Jul 05, 2016

FinTech Trends: Robots in Financial Services

Santosh Kumar Head – Fintech innovation

Banks all over the world are using robot financial advisors to automate repetitive tasks, and to provide 24x7 service that cannot be supplied by manual labor. Using artificial intelligence (AI), millennials are bringing sci-fi to the branch floor
Open API Management Tools to Fuel Innovation

Jul 05, 2016

Open API Approach to Fuel Innovation

Santosh Kumar Head – Fintech innovation

Banks must combine digital advancement with human contact to enhance customer experience. Legacy applications need to be replaced by modern solutions like robo-advisors. The end goal is to increase trust and customer satisfaction
The Future of FinTech and Banking

Jul 05, 2016

It Is Fintech and Banks, Not Fintech vs Banks

Santosh Kumar Head – Fintech innovation

Pre-digital banks are implementing technology to cope with the rapidly changing market, while fintech companies are already born digital. The key to success for both is to collaborate and leverage each other’s strengths rather than compete
The future of Digital Banking and Lending
Banks must combine digital advancement with human contact to enhance customer experience. Legacy applications need to be replaced by modern solutions like robo-advisors. The end goal is to increase trust and customer satisfaction
3 Ways Big Banks can Accelerate Innovation

Jul 05, 2016

3 Ways Big Banks Can Accelerate Innovation

Santosh Kumar Head – Fintech innovation

Challenger banks have proven that leveraging the digital revolution can help financial institutions succeed with lean infrastructure.
Airline Baggage Management
To reduce / prevent baggage mishandling, IATA has passed a new resolution . This now means that all airports need to update thier IT and Infrastructure to meet the new regulations .
Technological Innovations
The life sciences industry is in a state of flux. Traditional clinical trial methods have made room for modern techniques that leverage technologies such as mHealth, AI, and machine learning.
The Transformation Mantra or simply re-engineering
Guilty. I’m guilty and a little ashamed. So I’m sorry. Sorry if I got a little too carried away with the whole “transformation” mantra. If you attended a meeting with me recently and I was singing from the hymn book, I promise not to do it again. I...
Transport Industries
Automation with AI is a transformation of transportation within the city. AI also can be used to help predict maintenance events and diagonise problems. A mechanic can use data from sensors in the vehicle to make a diagnosis. 
Quantum Computing is a computer chip that promises exponentially faster processing. BlockChain relies on the fact that computers can't process data quickly enough to 'hack' an identity on a BlockChain
Analytics in supply chain
Analytics is excellently augmenting supply chain capabilities and the successful application of analytics entails proper supply chain processes and necessary IT infrastructure in place.
Online banking
BlockChain technology is in its infancy. There are a very broad set of investigations taking place to find the best use of BlockChain enabled processes and applications. Both the technology and their use cases have significant hurdles to overcome...
Boost ROI with 365-Degree

Sep 05, 2017

How to Boost ROI with 365-Degree Consumer Mapping across the New Purchase Pathway

Amitava Sengupta Executive Vice President - Digital Consulting, Digital and Analytics

Jennie is buying her monthly groceries online. She checks out a pack of organic cereals, really likes one, but it falls a bit outside her budget. She decides she doesn’t really need it. The next day, while on her way to office, she passes by a store...
AI-powered cybersecurity systems will not be replacing humans, but empowering them in order to survive the sophisticated and increasingly intelligent attacks. In order to get the most out of AI in cybersecurity, the pharma industry needs to...
Robo Advisory
Reimagining Retail Investments with Robo-Advisory in the 21st Century The world of finance and investments is constantly evolving, as is the market for retail investment services. From the earliest telephonic exchanges to AI-driven volume trading...

Tracking Internet of Transportation Things (Part 1)
Rahul Sharma - Senior Management Trainee, Travel Transportation and Logistics | August 22, 2016

In Transportation & Logistics , the scope of IOT to power multiplayer ecosystems is so promising that its reffered to as ‘Internet of Transportation Things (IoTT) .This blog series dicusses the scope ,impact and applications of IOT to the industry

RFID Chip in Healthcare Logistics
Madhusudhan Ranjanghatmuralidhar - ASSOCIATE GENERAL MANAGER | August 17, 2016

From manufacturers to warehouses and hospitals to homes, RFID adds visibility to the healthcare supply chain and could become an important tool in empowering the sector to meet the demands of practicing modern medicine

Decoding Technology for S&OP Strategy and Execution
Arindam Sen - Director, Manufacturing Solutions | August 10, 2016

The functioning of an enterprise begins with the strategic planning process. Post the strategic planning exercise every organization goes through the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process. Read this blog to this to find out the importance of S&OP