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Key questions to ask before buying a data capture solution
Sunny Singh Business Analyst – AI & Machine Learning | February 21, 2020

Investing in a new technology is not an easy decision especially when there are limited success stories in the market. An intelligent application is an advanced version of optical character recognition (OCR) that automatically corrects itself in real-time using user inputs.

HCL has developed Exacto™, a patented smart data extraction solution that runs on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning technology to provide cognitive capabilities along with data extraction from documents. HCL has developed, enhanced, customized and integrated Exacto for data extractions from documents in multiple industries – Accounting, Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc.

HCL has developed EXACTO™ - HCL’s patented smart data extraction solution that runs on state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology to provide cognitive capabilities along with data extraction from documents.

HCL has experience and expertise in building and deploying intelligent data capture solutions. EXACTO™ bears testimony to that. Therefore, we bring you a list of key questions that you may ask before buying a data capture solution.

  • What is the training methodology of the application? Is it based out of template or deep learning/NLP?
  • Does the application support real-time training for new fields on the document?
  • Does the application extract data from unstructured content?
  • How does the application handle multiple document types? Will there be a separate solution for each of them or will it automatically recognize the document type and extract relevant fields?
  • Will you support in Re-Training of the OCR and NLP in case there is an error in output?
  • Does the application automatically take the feedback in real-time or the end-user is always dependent on the provider to fix the error?
  • Does the application have the ability to perform a three-way match between invoices, POs and other documents?
  • Can the application localize and extract image objects like signatures, stamps, face recognition from documents?
  • Does the application fix image distortions, image rotation, and noise?
  • What is the minimum document quality (in DPI) of the application process?
  • Can the application process handwritten text?
  • What are the languages that the application support?
  • How much time does the application take to add a new language?
  • Does the application provide a confidence score for each extracted field?
  • How can business rules and validations be applied to the extracted output for data transformation and missing values?
  • How does the application handle line items in the documents such as POs and invoices?
  • What are the hardware requirements that the application support?
  • What is the average speed of processing per page?
  • What is the maximum number of fields that the solution can extract per document?
  • Are there any APIs available to integrate the solution with other applications?
  • Is there any third party module/dependency in the data capture solution?
  • Does the application have the ability to compare two or more documents for duplicacy?
  • Does the application have a license model? If yes, can you provide details?
  • What commercial model does the application follow? What is an average charge for a use case?
  • Does the commercial model include professional services such as integration, UAT support?
  • Is product support included in commercials?
  • How do you support a new document type/variation added after go live in production?
  • What end-user training will you provide after deployment is complete?
  • What are the SLAs for product support?
  • Will you support outside of the business hours and on weekends?
  • Is there any accuracy commitment on the extracted output? If yes, then how much?
  • What dashboards are available to track the progress of the process?
  • Will you provide support in deploying and integrating the application as well?
  • What formats of documents/files does the application process support?
  • What formats of data output is provided by the application?
  • Is the application cloud compatible?
  • Are there any readily available integrators available?

To know more about our ready-to-deploy AI data extraction solution EXACTO™, you can reach us at https://www.hcltech.com/digital-process-operations/exacto