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Industries | Life Sciences and Healthcare
health literacy

Apr 26, 2013

Health Literacy – Why is it important?

Mahipal P.Jain - Senior Business Manager
Senior Business Manager
“Ignorance is bliss” may be true in most cases; but it is a misnomer when it comes to health literacy.
achieving compliance

Apr 26, 2013

Taking the Business Partner Testing route to achieving compliance

Aninda Maitra - Business Manager
Business Manager
ICD-10 Compliance date in healthcare industry is swiftly approaching and the ICD-10 steering committees of healthcare organizations are now
reality check

Apr 15, 2013

A Reality Check on HealthCare Reform

Pankaj Bhandari - Associate Business Manager
Associate Business Manager
We all have been hearing about the issues, challenges, and bottlenecks in the US healthcare industry and the many approaches /solutions that have been discussed and designed to tackle them.
Increased Access to Affordable Care: Viewpoint

Apr 15, 2013

Increased Access to Affordable Care: A Perspective

Rahul Bhagurkar - Senior Business Manager
Senior Business Manager
With U.S President Obama getting re-elected for the second term, healthcare in the nation has been witnessing changes leading to increased access to affordable care.
Delivering exceptional Member Experience: Need of the hour?

Apr 15, 2013

Delivering exceptional Member Experience: Need of the hour?

Ram Ananthasubramony - Project Manager
Project Manager
The health insurance environment has gone through significant changes over the past few years and continues to evolve at a rapid pace.
smart heart care

Mar 21, 2013

Smart Heart Care Application

Aravind Gorja - Associate Manager - ERS
Associate Manager - ERS
A few days back, I learned that one of my neighbors had passed away of sudden cardiac arrest.



Jan 08, 2015

Pharmerging Markets to contribute Future Sales

Vijai Krishna
Dynamic changes in legislation, patent expiry of block buster drugs, and increasing healthcare costs call for significant changes in the global pharmaceutical industry.
How safe are Indians as subjects of clinical trials

Jul 17, 2013

How safe are Indians as subjects of clinical trials?

Nidhi Srivastava - Validation Consultant
Validation Consultant
In 2005, India amended the intellectual property rights (IPR) law and emerged as a global destination for clinical trials.  The Government of India upgraded Schedule Y of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India, which is equivalent to the Code of...

Dec 19, 2018

Drug Safety and AEs in Children

C3i Solutions
As the saying goes, children are not small adults. Children differ markedly from adults in terms of biology and physiology. In particular, how they handle drugs is quite different. Thus the approach of pharmacovigilance to SAEs and AEs in children...
impact of healthcare reforms

May 02, 2013

Impact of Healthcare Reforms on managing FWA

Bahri Mahima Bahri - Business Manager
Business Manager
US Health Care is going through a major upheaval with the passage of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as Health Care reforms.

Mar 21, 2014

IEEE 11073 Personal Health Data Standards: New Era of Health Devices

Rahul Jain - Technical Lead
Technical Lead

Jan 09, 2018

In Blockchain Lies the Long Term Solution for Security and Storage Concerns in Healthcare

Manmanth Kumar - Senior Management Trainee – Healthcare Sales Support
Senior Management Trainee
Security breaches and centralized data storage endanger the healthcare industry. Healthcare also faces the challenge of saturation in potential cost savings. Blockchain could be an answer to the industry's woes.


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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