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How is healthcare transformation improving customer engagement
The key to winning customers is providing greater transparency in cost of care, billing, personalized actionable information, information on preventive care
In the last two decades, the world has witnessed a huge amount of technological advancements emerge.
Data Conservative to Open Access
Why open data and crowdsourcing approaches are critical in today’s world?
Cold Chain Logistics

Mar 09, 2015

Cold Chain Logistics

Krishna Kumar Ramamoorthy Senior Manager

Patient Recruitment & Retention Strategy
Considering the different phases in a clinical trial, there is a need for subjects to be enrolled according to the eligibility criteria defined in the study protocol.
We need Deep Data, not Big Data
In an article titled, “How big data can revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D”, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that applying big-data strateg
Dynamic changes in legislation, patent expiry of block buster drugs, and increasing healthcare costs call for significant changes in the global pharmaceutical industry.
Most of the pharmaceutical products like vaccines, serums, etc. are temperature-sensitive and require special handling once manufactured.
Leveraging Digital Technologies

Jun 22, 2020

Leveraging Digital Technologies to Tackle Global Pandemics

Divya Jagannathan Senior Manager, Digital & Analytics

The pandemic has highlighted just how far we have come digitally. After transforming how we interact with each other, health technology is showing great potential in quickly transitioning offline activities to online ones. It has improved the...

Jul 03, 2019

The role of AR in Shaping the Future of Life Sciences

Anil Tickoo Associate Vice President, Life Sciences and Healthcare

Life sciences industry is looking for compelling use cases where AR can transform patient/customer engagement, make treatment delivery easier for healthcare professionals, and aid advanced research in pharmaceuticals. With its ability to accurately...
Healthcare Challenges addressed by Blockchain

Jan 18, 2018

Healthcare Challenges addressed by Blockchain

Siloni Batra Senior Executive, Application Modernization & Cloud Services, HCL Technologies

The healthcare industry is ahead when it comes to reaping benefits of the blockchain. The technology will help address several of the problems faced today. Several organizations have already begun the journey to adopt the blockchain in their...
Net Neutrality

Mar 27, 2018

Net Neutrality and Healthcare

Dhinesh Muthuvel Global Engagement Manager

The FCC’s move to repeal net neutrality has been controversial. The action is expected to encourage service providers to expand their operations to underserved areas and affect all areas, including healthcare. We list three scenarios and their...
IoT and Blockchain

Mar 21, 2018

IoT + Blockchain: The promise of a game-changing convergence

Sooraj Kumar Raj Associate General Manager - Product Management, IoT WoRKS™

IoT is meant to make things smarter and/or connect smart things to one another. It also offers a lot of automation possibilities. But certain tasks need to undergo data flow & governance controls. These can be done either via the cloud or may...
Voice Interaction
As value-based healthcare gradually replaces the traditional fee-for-service model, enhanced patient health outcomes will inevitably help HCPs. A study from 2016 unearthed that physicians spend nearly 50% of their time in office on paperwork....
Blockchain a technology which facilitates temper free movement and transfer of physics assets by putting all the transactions on a public digital ledger will impact all facets of the LSH paradigm. The paper captures the top implications of...
Patient Recruitment & Retention Strategy
Considering the different phases in a clinical trial, there is a need for subjects to be enrolled according to the eligibility criteria defined in the study protocol.

Dec 04, 2017

Blockchain goes beyond Financial Services

Subramanian Murukesan Senior Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics

Digital currency (Bitcoin) has taken the financial world by storm. Banks see the underpinning technology — blockchain — as useful. Blockchain could revolutionize healthcare. Patients will have control over their data and the technology could even...