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Sep 06, 2021

The Future is Now: Introducing Low Code / No Code Development Platform


Subhayu De Sarkar, Offering Lead – SAP BTP, UX & Mobility

The traditional software development approach is to develop in-house with your own team, or to procure a bespoke solution from external providers. While both approaches produce software products that provide an absolute fit with business…

Feb 23, 2021

The Future of 5G: Up in The Air


Rohit Merh, Area Sales Director

The first flight of the Wright Brothers, and the dawn of 5G. There is little in common between these technology milestones from different millennia. However, Flight + 5G is right about now poised to instigate a revolution like none before. Unmanned…

Apr 29, 2020

Business resilience in times of crisis


Andy Packham, Chief Architect & Senior Vice President, Microsoft Business Unit

A worldwide humanitarian crisis reshaped the world, the way we work, interact, and live, all in an instant. Read how Andy Packham, SVP and Head of HCL Microsoft Business Unit outlines resilience as the key to survival and enhancing the lives of…
If you have been traveling to the big cities in growing economies like India & China, you would agree that you don’t recognize the city every time you travel back, the vehicle flux is multifold, the routes are changed with ever increasing…

Jul 01, 2018

Promoting Wearables driven Employee Wellness Programs in the Digital Workplace


Rakshit Ghura, Senior Vice President & Global Head - Digital Workplace Services

Wearables Inclusive Employee Welfare Programs provide a vast range of information that can be used for many purposes. Averting accidents and improving the overall health of employees are the primary focus areas around which these programs are…

Feb 02, 2016

Technology Trends of 2016


Amit kumar Agarwala, General Manager