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The challenge in fixed asset migration for a Merged or Acquired entity is the differential treatments in local GAAPs and this blog tries to find a solution to this challenge. In a global scenario where multiple GAAPs are involved and the volume of…

Apr 15, 2021

Large Scale Data Migration


Logesh Dayalan, Senior Project Manager

Large enterprises are running on age-old platforms like Mainframe, and face numerous issues like data integrity, data reconciliation, availability of IT skills, and implementing ever-changing business requirements. The Biggest challenge for…
The blog discusses the necessity of DevOps in ERP applications such as PeopleSoft and the challenges faced by customers in selecting the right set of DevOps Tools stack. It also discusses how DevOps goes hand in hand in achieving Agile objectives.…
The blog checks the effectiveness of robotic process automation of manual daily activities in the PeopleSoft Financials application that are time-consuming. Two business processes were identified that bots can perform without manual intervention and…

Jan 20, 2021

Look before you (Orac)leap – A guide to Oracle licensing


Devendran Shanmugam, Oracle CoE Partnership Manager

The blog provides some pointers on Oracle licensing policies across on premise technology licenses, on premise application licenses and Cloud subscriptions, that will enable customers to look out for possible pitfalls and avoid Oracle licensing…

Dec 09, 2020

Going touchless on time entry: The need of the hour


Arjun Rajan, Senior Regional Director

Companies often face several challenges with time administration. Companies spend several dollars of human effort to capture, correct and map time to different buckets. Furthermore, this creates a significant time overhead in the Payroll process…

Dec 02, 2020

Revenue Management for Real Estate Business


Srinivasan Arunachalam, Senior Project Manager, Oracle Practice

Revenue Recognition and Accounting is a critical area for a real estate business, because the lease terms and agreement will have flexible payment schedules, but the revenue need to be recognized in a streamlined way, based on Financial Accounting…

Sep 17, 2020

HR - The Leading Edge of the ‘New Normal’


Anurag Purohit, Business Consultant - Oracle HCM, Oracle Practice

Businesses & industries around the world have been devastated by the pandemic sweeping the world, impacting millions of lives. The disruption is centered around the lifeblood of all productive endeavor in the world- people- and thus, not for the…
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented financial disruption. In these trying times, companies must adopt the best possible tools and practices to handle liquidity crises and overcome budgeting challenges. This is where strategic modeling…