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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented businesses with the truest test of resilience and determination in the history of the digital age. Businesses know that it is only a thin line between a “resilient” and a “also ran” organization. How they respond n...
The SMAC revolution has resulted in technology driving business, redefining the role of IT. Business leaders are intolerant of slow-moving IT teams & processes. IT solutions need to become on-demand, flexible & scalable with regards to usage
Becoming a digital business is essential for surviving in today’s demanding environment but hindering factors like low Automation, low Elasticity, no Consumer-grade experience, low virtualization & Build-first mentality need to be resolved first.
Corporate strategies are now based on digital transformation. Businesses are now focussing on customer engagement/UX, rapid innovation etc. A new class of digital infrastructure is evolving, one which better supports this digital transformation.