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Rise Above the Challenges of Remote Migration using Augmented & Guided Support
September 15, 2020

As COVID-19 unleashed a period of uncertainty with enforced lockdowns, restricted access, and limited travel conditions across the globe, it has caused businesses to suffer at large. While some struggled to survive, many perished away to this sudden socio-economic mayhem. This struggle to survive has forced corporate leaders to step away from the traditional operating model. The CIOs and CTOs of the world have shown an openness to remote working, which resulted in organizations to rethink and re-strategize their approach of performing day-to-day tasks. One of the prominent challenges faced was the sudden shortfall of the right skills and domain expertise. This scarcity contributed to production delays and triggered other unseen issues, such as delayed releases, to longer development cycles across organizations.

According to a recent market survey, analysts are predicting that companies are levering on remote operations capabilities and are expected to operate close to 50% of their workforce away on remote locations. A decisive 74% of CFOs intend to increase remote working at their organizations even after the outbreak period. Though this does sound like a plan of the hour, if remote working is not executed with perfection, it could end up spinning on its tail.

This is true especially now, when most of the highly skilled workforce is stranded away from the action ground, leaving no choice but to have the available workforce prepared to deal with day-to-day routines with high precision. The absence of such key staff is making the situation worse with off-balance work routines pushing resources to stretch and commit beyond the stipulated working hours. This has created additional stress on the management and staff. In some cases where strict laws do not permit over-commitment, any day-to-day regular maintenance activity is eventually turned into a mission-critical project to be followed and observed closely for its completion.

ZTM— An Augmented Solution to Meet the Demand of Reality with Virtual and Guided Support

HCLTech understands that handling such trivial yet critical tasks in silos could spell catastrophe to businesses. The sole objective of remaining resilient and operative will be hard to withheld in testing waters. Not being able to identify the missing/broken piece due to limited skills available onboard is only going to make this an uphill challenge. A new-age technology called augmented reality must be introduced to solve this silo. HCLTech conceptualized the thought of providing the trusted support mechanism in the form of a smart augmented reality-based solution, which is tailor-made to streamline migration-related issues on site at the data center (DC) or at any remote location. ZTM (Zero-Touch Migration), when coupled with augmented reality and virtual reality, offers key technical understanding on the fly, thus cutting down the time spent to troubleshoot the issues in remote locations. ZTM can bridge the skills gap through real-time, remote, step-by-step guidance integrated with a ready reference of a handy repository of digital content, and rapidly upskilling and empowering field personnel without having to deploy extra resources. This improves productivity, lowers training costs, improves first-time fix rates, and ensures efficient operations.

Transform Skills and add Multi-Support Functionality on the Fly with ZTM

Transform skills and add multi-support functionality on the fly with ZTM ( Zero touch Migration)

HCLTech ZTM, powered by augmented reality and virtual reality, is designed to support the organizations during and post COVID-19. It enables teams to build and provide virtual support to their onsite technicians by offering smart interactive assistance with real-time guided support from offsite Level 3 experts, thereby bridging the gap of skill availability during remote operations.

On the other hand, the solution also offers an opportunity to cut down overall spend on key technical resources, therefore reducing the overall operational cost, wherever necessary. A well-versed crossed-skill resource is next to “Superman fighting the odds of Commander Zod” in day-to-day operations. Now, imagine the ability to onboard such super skills to any resource, all thanks to handheld device transforming skills, powered by augmented reality and virtual reality, to an expert level. Additionally, it brings vendor-specific technical inputs, user data enriched with real-time behavior, gesture tracking features to help to detect anomalies, and an easy point mechanism on each instance.

In addition to this overall scope of support, the solution cuts down the time required to invest in the tedious tasks of inventory management and evidence sampling. You can easily manage your inventory thanks to seamless integration possibilities with available IT service management (ITSM) tools. From offering a real-time update to inventory, to autonomous evidence collection ability, this tool would help you meet strict regulatory compliance issues. Needless to say, minor yet key updates would only bring its true value at the time of critical incidents, as it could easily slice the entire outage time to minutes by guiding the right levers to ensure proper actions are taken promptly.

Accelerate Day 0, 1, 2 with a Single Tool Meeting All Requirements

HCLTech’s ZTM, backed by augmented reality and virtual reality, is a holistic solution, which offers great usability over the entire lifecycle management of the infra platform. Be it discovery or deployment of new hardware on Day Zero, or fixing a key incident in real-time operations outage, the solution can do it all. Having such a tool could certainly be a key lever guiding and driving end-to-end migration and operation strategy. With ZTM, we aim at helping customers envisage their cloud journey and smoothening their DC exit strategy. The overall adaptability of the solution across different stages is a key USP to onboard it in the first place.

As a trusted advisor, HCLTech can help elevate all these associated key infrastructure challenges, by leveraging technology that can help you take a step forward with confidence on each occasion. HCLTech offers a comprehensive and complete service and solution, from customizing to the deployment of the entire ZTM solution across all life cycles, to maximize productivity, achieve migration excellence, and optimize infrastructure support capabilities.

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