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Social Meets Talent: Experimenting as a 21st century employer

Social Meets Talent: Experimenting as a 21st century employer
July 15, 2016

“If you aren’t using social media, you’re creating language barriers with your audiences” – Pam Moore

Think back to a time before every outing at a restaurant was accompanied by a location check-in and a showcase of one’s food photography skills on Instagram. Or before the days moviegoers anointed themselves critics with instant reviews the minute they left the theater. Not to mention a bygone era where audiences weren’t equally glued to their TV screens and smartphones – engaging with viewers outside their living rooms through the trending hashtags. Well I certainly can’t, and that only goes to bear testament to the unparalleled impact social media has brought into our day to day lives.

Millennials are the ‘born digitals’, growing up in an age of unprecedented boom in technology, information and social platforms – which have served as a catalyst for them to consume and create content in equal measure. A study I came across indicates that by 2025, an astounding three quarters of talent in organizations worldwide will be comprised of millennials. HCL has already crossed this threshold with more than 70% of our ideapreneurs belonging to Gen Y - reinforcing the notion that we are a young organization.

A study by Pew research in 20151 shows that 65% of talent use social media platforms to research about employers and opportunities, refer friends to relevant jobs and apply for vacancies they discovered on social. Other research2 shows that 50% of job seekers are spending over 6 hours a week on social to discover career opportunities. SHRM3 shows that in 2015, 84% of organizations use social for hiring (from a paltry 56% in 2011).

Millennials also leverage social to form perceptions about the talent brand of potential employers (Social media is the top channel for promoting an employer brand, according to senior executives surveyed by Universum2): with one report stating that 94% of jobseekers are more likely to apply to employers who actively manage their talent brand.

The benefits5 of a strong, distinctive talent brand are manifold:

  • Lower Turnover

    Organizations that market a strong talent brand have an employee turnover rate that’s 28 percent lower than those with weak, brands that are weak, or non-existent

  • Lower Time to Fill

    Organizations with a strong employer brand attract at least 3.5 times more applicants per job, which enables organizations to identify the best talent sooner, lowering time-to-fill.

As an organization that has to appeal and attract high quality millennial talent to drive our innovation agenda, to adapt to a changing eco-system and occupying mind-share in the social recruitment space, in 2014 we gave candidates from over 60 countries the #CoolestInterviewEver, a first in class initiative where we transformed hiring into a two way conversation with an end to end recruitment campaign conducted over Twitter.

Coolest Interview Ever
Structure for Coolest Interview Ever

Besides the end objective of demonstrating the efficacy of social recruiting as a cost effective method to attract top talent, #CIE was a concerted effort to position us as a progressive Gen-Y employer and showcase our talent brand to a global audience, moving towards differentiating ourselves from the competition as thought leaders in the domain.

We put up for grabs five exciting profiles on offer – based on social listening that uncovered high search volume work profiles that interest tech talent – Big data guru (Data Analysis Consultant), Hacker-in-Chief (Champion Coder), Digital Trotter (Digital Marketing Consultant), ideapreneurship Evangelist (Business & IT Consultant) & Womenspiration (Diversity Consultant).

Diversity Consultant

Three things CIE did for HCL

  • 250,000 engagements from prospective talent, making us trend across 19 cities and pan India for four days
  • Global recognition with coverage in 60 international publications.
  • Making the official HCL Tech twitter handle the most followed IT company worldwide.

But beyond the impressions and engagement numbers, #CIE was an overwhelming success as it effectively positioned HCL as an innovative employer.

It positioned us as responsive to the needs of a new generation of talent, breaking new ground and setting the course for one of a kind digital disruptions in the field of recruitment marketing.

True to HCL culture, instead of basking in the glory of international recognition, we decided and focused on the big burning issue that all IT organizations face: the curious case of high CPH.

Stay tuned to know how we addressed it.

Catch the complete #CIE story here:


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