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Stop! Enhanced Automation is the right way to go

Stop! Enhanced Automation is the right way to go
September 23, 2015

Automation is inevitable for any progressive enterprise. It is changing the way one looks at business processes. We have clearly seen an adoption spree of newer, simpler, controlled, and efficient technologies in the recent past. From root to shoot, i.e. from IT infrastructure to applications, a rapid technology shift is being observed.

However, the decision to automate processes needs an expert definition. The desperate and hasty attempts to automate everything and anything do not reflect determination. IT automation needs a consultative approach; it requires a clearly defined lifecycle of change.

Many IT service providers today have IT automation solutions pointing towards defined outcomes, but ‘what’ to automate, ‘when’ to automate, and ‘how’ to automate still needs an expert definition. Product companies have a blind side of actual situations in IT operations and, thus, their offered products might be restricted within the defined boundaries of inspired technology.

So, what’s enhanced automation, and how to achieve it?

Enhanced automation is an outcome of experience, knowledge, skillset and vision. It’s an evolutionary process that adds efficiencies at the process level. To achieve optimized automation, your decision must be based on a pragmatic knowledge base. Never decide to automate until you have defined a lifecycle of change.

In an enterprise IT environment where standardization is still a distant dream, trying to apply futuristic enhanced automation processes without having the right levels of foundations setup will lead to definite failure. It would be wise to pause for a while, and then change to the route of enhanced automation!

If enhanced automation is one of your main priorities and you wish to take this discussion further, do write to me. In my next blogs, I will elaborate more on the topic. Until then, I would like to hear from you.