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Strengthen Cyber Resilience with HCLTech’s VaultNXT, Powered by Cohesity

February 07, 2023
Kapil Tiwari


Kapil Tiwari
General Manager – Product Management Lead–Hybrid Cloud Business Unit
Sumit Godiyal


Sumit Godiyal
Group Manager, Hybrid Cloud Business
Rajat Taneja


Rajat Taneja
Global Alliances Director - GSI Business
Avinash Agrawal


Avinash Agrawal
Sr. Product Marketing Manager – GSI
February 07, 2023

The volume and value of business data has increased exponentially over the last few years. Innovators and enterprise leaders are using insights from data to power companies and industry transformations. At the same time, cybercriminals are exploiting digital information for significant gain—to the tune of an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2025, according to a report. Enterprises need to enhance their cyber resilience posture to become more confident in the protection of their critical data. This requires them to change their security approach from just threat prevention to an overall cyber security strategy that enhances data protection and accelerates recovery.

Data Protection Challenges

Enterprises are always improving onsite products and advancing risk management strategies in order to prevent data loss and ransom payouts. However, they continue to struggle with adapting legacy protections to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting both traditional and modern data sources such as databases, cloud-native apps, and containers. They are also confronted with the challenge of determining the optimum way to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies for more proactive threat detection.

To overcome these obstacles while fortifying defenses for cyber resiliency, organizations are looking at new frameworks and solutions to simplify and strengthen security postures. Current patchworked data management products and traditional data isolation models—where a copy of enterprise data is moved by tape to a secure, off-site location for safeguarding—are becoming incompatible with the speed of digital business for separating data production and backup environments.

For example, traditional data vaulting is part of the conventional 3-2-1 approach to data protection—where three copies of data are made, two copies are stored locally and at least one copy is kept in a secure, remote location, or vault. It relies on magnetic tapes as the media for the off-site, vault copy. While achieving a high degree of data isolation, this conventional air gap model results in slow recovery times for enterprises experiencing a cyberattack, negatively impacting service-level agreements (SLAs).

Failure to meet SLAs can damage a company’s reputation, even if the business can successfully retrieve all its data. So, enterprises wanting to increase the security of their data and backup solutions through data vaulting face the dual challenge of protecting not only data but also improving agility to meet recovery SLAs.

That’s why HCLTech and Cohesity are teaming to deliver HCLTech’s VaultNXT, powered by Cohesity.

HCLTech’s VaultNXT, Powered by Cohesity

The VaultNXT solution framework helps organizations strengthen their overall cyber resilience posture. It is an end-to-end cyber recovery solution that protects and recovers enterprise data against ransomware attacks. It offers the last line of defense and safeguard business critical data that enables organizations to leap from threat detection to a holistic cybersecurity strategy.

Strengthening data protection while boosting agility, the offering combines modern Cohesity data security and data management platform, Cohesity Data Cloud, for data protection and anti-ransomware with proven HCLTech assessment & consulting services, build services and ongoing operations—to deliver end-to-end cyber recovery.

VaultNXT empowers organizations to transition from disjointed threat prevention approaches to a holistic cyber security strategy. More than 500+ trained resources support the effort, assessing enterprise objectives and current maturity against cybersecurity threats to formulate, build and support the operations for enhancing the cyber security posture using modern technology solutions. Consultation with HCLTech experts and consultants yields flexible service options through the VaultNXT framework to develop a customized cyber-resilient architecture driven by the Cohesity Data Cloud platform, which furnishes enterprises with robust data protection & management solutions.

VaultNXT empowers organizations to transition from disjointed threat prevention approaches to a holistic cyber security strategy.

Enterprises benefit from the comprehensive HCLTech-Cohesity Cyber Recovery framework:

  • Assess: Includes discovery and analysis, understanding business objectives risk and governance, conducting assessments, planning and more
  • Build: Includes solution design finalization, designing security and processes, and building and documenting recovery setup
  • Operate: Includes execution of test and recovery plans, monitoring and reporting, and doing breach simulation and more

Together, HCLTech and Cohesity bring data expertise, outstanding innovation and proven success with HCLTech’s VaultNXT, which represents the pinnacle of a modern cyber resiliency solution.

Key Principles and Benefits of Cyber Resilient Enterprises

Best practices for keeping data safe from ransomware threats involve adding a threat defense architecture powered by modern data management with these key security principles:

  • Data Resiliency – Immutable snapshots, encryption, WORM rules, fault tolerance and modern data isolation capabilities in a single platform empower teams to safeguard data in the face of natural disasters, malicious actors, and human errors
  • Zero Trust Security Principles – Controlling who may access and alter data, in accordance with Zero Trust principles and using techniques such as least-privileged access, multi-factor authentication (MFA), role-based access controls (RBAC) and quorum, that requires two or more authorized users to approve critical actions to help ensure data isn’t improperly accessed or manipulated
  • Early Threat Detection – AI/ML-driven techniques identifying patterns and spotting anomalies help teams proactively surface ransomware, malicious activity, abnormal data access and even human errors
  • Security Integrations – Securing data and defending against threats using aligned security products and teams as a force multiplier

Organizations that want the benefit of these cyber principles together with the boost of simplified data security and data management with data isolation have it all in VaultNXT.

A Leading Swiss Insurer Significantly Improves Operation Resilience and Ransomware Protection

A leading Swiss insurance service provider is already benefiting from the VaultNXT offering. The customer faced the formidable challenges of standardizing legacy data backups, consolidating backup vendors, accounting for future workload protections and adding ransomware recovery capabilities to its existing multi-vendor environment. HCLTech proposed a unified data protection and cyber recovery vault solution, powered by Cohesity, in a flexible consumption model. The simple, secure, and scalable solution helped the customer simplify its approach and strengthen the security posture through immutable air-gapped vault, and end-to-end ransomware protection capabilities.

As a result, the customer experienced:

  • Improved RPO / RTO
  • Immutable vault protection
  • Significant reduction in data management costs
  • Faster restoration

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Organizations adopting VaultNXT gain a competitive, cyber-resilient architecture that embeds the tenets of data resiliency while ensuring faster recovery times.

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