Tech career advice for new college graduates

Tech career advice for new college graduates

With diverse portfolio of tech solutions, HCLTech has always stood up as most preferred employer for entry level employees. You may not know at the start, but you find your spark at HCLTech for sure.
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HCLTech Campus Hiring


HCLTech Campus Hiring
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You may think you don’t have lot of options when first starting a tech career, but launching your journey at a company like HCLTech gives you many paths. Whether you’re more interested in the managerial side of business, for example, or purely into the tech, HCLTech offers many roads to success.

“I feel HCLTech provides the right platform for someone like me to grow as a manager,” said one recent hire. “New hires are encouraged to bring those ideas and tools we’re familiar with from school to the teams we work with at HCLTech. There are many opportunities to use learnings from college in the work we do and see an impact in a short span.”

Best practices for your new tech career

As often happens when starting out in a tech career (or preparing to), this young professional found herself not so clear about her future. “Five years ago, I was in the middle of my engineering education and not very sure what to do next career-wise. It was time to decide whether to go for an MS, go for a job or change paths towards the management side. So, it was a situation where I was of several minds.”

While she did not have any specific passions steering her career, she is passionate about one thing. “I have one goal. No matter what I do – study, play or any work, I have to be the best,” she declared. And to do that, she’s ready to follow these tech career best practices:

  1. Fail any number of times.
  2. Always be open to new learnings.
  3. Ask the right questions.
  4. Ask the wrong questions.

“If I don’t strive to be the best, in today’s world – I can easily be replaced,” she said.

From MBA straight to HCLTech career in tech

This new professional credits a network of people with contributing to the success of her journey from college to HCLTech. “My professors at the time and my close relatives guided me as I decided whether to go for it or not.”

There was little time to switch gears from education to the workplace. “I did not get much of a break between completion of my MBA and joining the company,” she explained. “The joining date was just a few weeks after the completion of my final end term exams.”

Still, she brought some valuable habits with her, such as sticking to timelines, asking questions and more.

More tech career advice for new college graduates

For someone still so early on in her career, this recent graduate has already picked up quite a few bits of wisdom. Here are a few she says have made a difference:

  1. A good brand will always help along the way of building a career.
  2. Making good money but having no time to spend it is not worth it.
  3. Talking to people and growing your network will always help.
  4. Love what you do, and you won’t wake up dreading going to work.



Talking to people and growing your network will always help.



“Lots of opportunities that are helping me grow.”

Since joining HCLTech, this new tech professional has changed her view of career opportunities in tech companies. “For sure, in terms of growth, opportunities to contribute and support systems, my views have changed,” she explained.

“As a new graduate, all that ran in my mind is that the end goal was to make a huge impact in a short span and get noticed. But although the truth was far from it, HCLTech is helping me find the path towards that ultimate goal.”

How HCLTech nurtures new tech professionals

A few things stood out to this young professional about how HCLTech nurtures campus hires and helps them “find their spark.”

The HCLTech team closely supported her in the initial weeks, and in some of the most helpful ways. “My initial days were not exactly how one imagines them to be,” she says. “This [position] was not my first role option when I joined the company. I joined for a different role altogether. However, in my current team, I’m finding a lot of support and a lot of opportunities that are helping me grow.”

From her point of view, “Any appreciation by my manager or from their manager is considered a milestone. I’m a person with no experience trying to make an impact, so every appreciation is a milestone, giving assurances that I am on the right path.”

Finding her spark and learning something every day

“As for my aspirations and role, I’m definitely finding some common ground with what’s available at HCLTech. The possibilities are endless, and I’m sure that whatever I gain here will ultimately help me become a better professional and not go in vain,” declared this young professional.



The possibilities are endless, and I’m sure that whatever I gain here will ultimately help me become a better professional



She admits starting a new tech career has affected her personal life. “Managing both work and personal life is taking a hit,” she shared. “I’m still trying to find the right balance.”

But right now, there’s a daily upside to her job, as well. “Every day is a day to learn something new, to learn from the mistakes of the previous day, a chance to interact with people,” she declared.

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