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Credit Risk

Mar 23, 2020

Basel IV Credit Risk

Goutham Karthik Ramasamy Senior Business Analyst

Banks may need start increasing their capital reserve to offset off-balance sheet activities. For banks operating on Standardized Approach, there may be an improvement in Risk Weighted Assets (RWA) if their books have a lower Loan-to-Value (LTV)....
Collateral Management

Mar 23, 2020

Collateral Management Landscape

Vimal Jain Senior Business Specialist, Delivery Practice

To address the need for better strategies to increase AUM and revenues, the wealth management industry is constantly evolving with newer models. While robo-advisory has been around for a few years, Marketplace models are emerging as a hybrid...

Mar 20, 2020

Wearables - To Wear or not to Wear!

Sridhar R Practice Manager

Riding on wearable technology, many Financial institutions and Fintech firms have started building solutions that appeal to tech savvy clients underscoring customer experience and customized service to stay ahead of the curve in the market. ...
Insurance Peak

Mar 04, 2020

SWIFT migration to ISO 20022 messages

Ishaq Basha Mohammed Senior Business Analyst

Is your bank ready to adopt ISO 20022? ISO 20022 is a messaging standard for exchanging information between financial institutions. To this date it has been adopted by over 70 countries, primarily for real-time payments and is poised to become the...
Data Capture
This article highlights some of the important questions that an organization needs to ask before buying capture solution.
Banking Industry
The article highlights the importance of having a business process management software for governing business processes in banking.
Now that agile is approaching its 20th birthday, it’s natural to ponder how agile can extend beyond IT. Agile’s core principles of customer first, collaboration, transparency, simplicity, excellence and communication can easily work for other...

Feb 18, 2020

Why RPA is not a tool deployment

Sachin Shukla Technology Leader

This blog underlines the importance of having a well thought out approach for implementing an RPA project.
GIG Economy

Feb 14, 2020

The Gig Economy – How is it Reinventing the Enterprise Landscape?

Rakshit Ghura Vice President & Global Service Leader – Digital Workplace Services

Think of the 90’s when 9-5 jobs were still very much in vogue and traditional career paths were attractive to the workforce. In those days, finding “employment” through a smartphone or an app was inconceivable.
Legacy Applications
When running applications on large scale, you’ll not only be pushed to scale-up, but also consider scale-down. Containers are tuned for performance than any other existing technologies that fit the purpose to scale up/down. A lot of initiatives are...
Quantum Computing
From redefining drug development to prophesizing weather patterns with astonishing accuracy, #QuantumComputing can open up an exciting world of opportunities. Kalyan Kumar, HCL’s CTO, delves into why #enterprises need to keep an eye on the now-...
5G World
5G, with its faster speeds and more reliable connections rests its future on software-defined networking (SDN) which is responsible for redefining the network architecture to support the requirements of the forthcoming 5G ecosystem. SDN along with...
Harnessing Technology

May 22, 2020

Harnessing Technology to Foster Retail Transformation amid the COVID Crisis

Vishal Chadha Associate Vice President, Retail & CPG Sales

COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. On one hand, the death toll continues to rise, while on the other, the global economy is also on a decline. Moody’s heat map shows the economic state of various industries, among...

May 13, 2020

Powering Workforce Productivity through AI

Michael Miller Lead Data Scientist, Digital & Analytics

Typical IT service desks can deal with a wide range of requests, from password resets to shutting down servers. Because of this wide scope, implementing automation, AI, and deep learning can be challenging, from a data science perspective. In a...
Major Applications of Embedded Systems
Embedded systems have become an integral part of our daily life.Embedded systems monitoring plays a crucial role in the overall success of the entire system .Read the blog to know various techniques to monitor embedded systems
The launch of SAP S/4 HANA has prompted its customers to take a leap of faith. Using SAP S/4HANA, organizations can reduce the complexities of SAP landscapes. The move to the new business suite can reduce total cost of ownership.
Covid 19
For centuries, Black Swan events have altered socio-economic dynamics, leaving behind important lessons for mankind. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Spreading across newer epicenters with every passing day, the outbreak is leaving...
Java Performance Tuning

Sep 20, 2019

Java Performance Tuning

Sandeep Pratap Singh Technical Specialist

Java application performance is always a buzz word until you face its real implications. It may vary depending on your interpretation and experience. This blog talks about the various performance tuning tips in the Java programming language. Also, a...

Row Level Security in SQL
Pramod Kumar Singh | January 29, 2015

Row Level Security

Row Level Security is the mechanism to set different access levels over data in any table for different Users/Security Groups. Row Level Security can be implemented at database, cube (SSAS) and report level. SSAS/Cube security is based on the attribute level i.e., row level at the database.

We need Deep Data, not Big Data
Ravi Sankar C J - Vice President | January 13, 2015

In an article titled, “How big data can revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D”, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that applying big-data strategies for better informed decision making could generate up to $100 billion in value annually across the U.S.

Performance Monitoring Using Cycle Mode and Marathon Runs
Dipon Samaddar - Test Engineer | January 7, 2015