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Financial organizations are facing volatility and opportunity at an unprecedented scale. The pressure to maintain operational efficiency and customer focus is now further exacerbated with the need to keep up with the constantly changing regulations...
In this era of agility where “Time-to-Market” is one of the key factors for driving any kind of business growth, VMware has come out with a strategy to facilitate multi-cloud governance and management of applications across various environments....
Voice Technology
Speech Technology has come a long way since the invention of First Dictation Machine by Thomas Edison way back in 1784. Now machines are able to understand speech with an accuracy close to human performance (Under 5% error rate). Speech Technology...
Exacto Intelligent
After reading this blog, reader will be able to correlate the problems of manual claims processing and how an organization can overcome those problems through an intelligent data capture solution like EXACTO™.
Marketing Automation

Jan 24, 2020

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Automation

Asish Kumar Patra Senior Technical Architect, Digital & Analytics

Automation is enhancing every business function with each passing day and marketing is no exception. For any brand, formulating a clear and effective marketing automation strategy is vital to create compelling personalized experiences for customers...
SOFR and Libor

Jan 22, 2020

Transition from LIBOR to SOFR

Kaviya V Senior Business Analyst

Starting around 2005, few banks around the world manipulated the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) benchmark rate for their own profits (from trades and to show that they are more creditworthy) which came to light in the year 2012.  After...

Jan 22, 2020

Life,Death and CloudComputing

Jasbir Singh Dhaliwal Global Program Manager

Blog is an interesting take on cloud computing fundamentals and how these fundamentals mimic human life and life philosophies. Cloud technology (as we all know) is major technological disruption in the field of computing - democratizing the compute...
Change was always a prerequisite for growth, but in an era of rapid technology advancements it has become even more crucial. Today organizations are focusing on business excellence that is driven by technological innovation. Robotics process...

Jan 14, 2020

XSS Vulnerability and prevention

Kuldeep Singh Senior Technical Lead

XSS attacks are common to web applications as big and popular as Facebook, Google, and PayPal, and XSS has been a mainstay on the OWASP Top 10 list since its inception. XSS attacks are especially dangerous because an attacker...
 A Data & Analytics Perspective
Cloud computing and moving data to a cloud system is key to effective data management and security. Data migration need to be handled with care so that it is effective and efficient. There are some approaches around migration optimization, cloud...
 VNF Onboarding
Telecom operators are on the way to find new source of revenue as monolithic, vendor oriented and non-agile operational networks are narrowing the profit margins. The cloud technology is a perfect solution for these issues. This technology offers...

May 28, 2020

How to measure the performance of your bots: RPA success metrics

Nitish Sharma Integrated Transformation Consultant

A recent study by Gartner shows that by the end of 2022, 85% of large and very large organizations will have deployed some form of robotic process automation (RPA). This rising growth in the adoption rate of RPA calls for a mechanism to measure the...
Covid 19
For centuries, Black Swan events have altered socio-economic dynamics, leaving behind important lessons for mankind. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Spreading across newer epicenters with every passing day, the outbreak is leaving...
Serverless computing has emerged as a next branch in the “as-a-service” delivery model in the cloud. And the cloud providers are using the corrected terminology, i.e., "functions" and ignoring the term “serverless” in their products.
Closing the Chasm of Disparity

Jun 05, 2020

Closing the Chasm of Disparity: The Era of Digital BizOps

Pierre Viljoen Senior Director, Practice Services

Whether you are the purveyor at a local coffee hangout or the CTO of a large enterprise, your landscape has become digital. Your infrastructure is a virtual extrapolation of tangible metal, cloud variations, all sorts of tools, toolsets, bits, bytes...

Nov 23, 2016

Embracing the future with SD WAN

Mohsin Khan Product Manager

Enterprise branch networks are critical. It’s not surprising that they are the focus of the enterprise network infrastructure. Organizations struggle to make applications available at a low cost. Software-defined WAN can be regarded as a solution.
IBM Collaborate
Digital transformation is not characterized by the rampant adoption of new-age technologies.
How to make a light, cheap solar powered car

Feb 04, 2015

How to develop a light-weight, cost-effective solar powered car

Sushant Kumar Member Technical Staff, Engineering And R&D Services

Through this blog, I would like to propose a basic idea for designing and developing a light-weight, cost-effective single seater solar car, and also discuss the various technologies involved  in this project, which  offers great scope f

Transforming Customer Experience via Hypergraph EXtreme (HEX) Gamification
Randall Masciana - Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics | May 14, 2020

Most businesses today might be eager for digital transformation but that doesn’t correlate to how satisfied they are with their current initiatives. Perhaps, the major concern involves two key aspects of digital transformation– customer engagement and profile self-control– and how these human-centric factors have been mechanized to a point where users would be disconnected from their actions. This is where "gamification", with its point-based reward approach, can change things, especially when it comprises dynamic visual components backed by graph theory. Read to know how Hypergraph EXtreme (HEX) Gamification can transform the customer experience.

Concluding part of Life,Death and Cloud computing
Jasbir Singh Dhaliwal - Global Program Manager | May 13, 2020

Blog is an interesting take on cloud computing fundamentals and how these fundamentals mimic human life and life philosophies.

Cloud technology (as we all know) is major technological disruption in the field of computing - democratizing the compute, networking and storage functions and providing immense “value for money”. It is very easy to get bogged down by technical jargons associated with any new technology and “cloud computing” is no different. Availability of cloud computing from myriad of vendors further complicates the whole cloud ecosystem. The blog provides a simplistic explanation of what, how and where of “cloud computing”. The content should be of interest to both technical and non-technical readers and even the seasoned cloud users should find the content relevant.

The blog is a good mix of knowledge, suspense and humour. This blog also highlights the fact that spirituality has potential to permeate every aspect of our life (including seemingly unrelated “cloud computing”).

Powering Workforce Productivity through AI
Michael Miller - Lead Data Scientist, Digital & Analytics | May 13, 2020

Typical IT service desks can deal with a wide range of requests, from password resets to shutting down servers. Because of this wide scope, implementing automation, AI, and deep learning can be challenging, from a data science perspective. In a particular engagement, our team leveraged technologies such as AI and NLP and also made use of machine learning models and neural networks to revamp the service desk flow of the client, a large European furniture retailer. Know more about the methodology used in this unique engagement here.