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Jul 15, 2022

Why should businesses move towards Industry NeXT?


Justin Beltramo, Global Head, Business Innovation, Manufacturing IoT WoRKS

The four major industrial revolutions that transpired over the last few centuries have contributed significantly to improved manufacturing efficiency and productivity.
The first in a series of blogs that examine the drivers of business success and failure and how present-day organizations can learn from history.

Jul 11, 2022

Integrating MuleSoft with HDInsight Hive and Collibra


Karthikeya Raghavendra, Solutions Architect, Digital Business

Introduction This blog post will provide some insights into MuleSoft's integration options with Azure HDInsight and Collibra.
Re-commerce or reverse commerce is the opposite of the traditional marketplaces where used goods are re-purchased from customers through a well-defined process.

Jul 07, 2022

SAP on Azure: How HCL Can Enable Customers in Their SAP Journey to Azure


Vishnu Vashist, Azure Senior Solutions Architect - HCL Microsoft Ecosystem Unit

With rapid advances in technology, leading manufacturers are embracing digital technology at an accelerated pace.
To succeed in today’s competitive market, companies must find ways to develop and manage products that are becoming increasingly more complex.

Jul 05, 2022

Delivering Transformational Architecture with SAP


Ray Gardner, SAP Digital Platforms Lead

To meet an ever-growing range of business & IT needs, companies require an architecture that can leverage available solutions and, when required, deliver more bespoke solutions. This will often require a fundamental re-assessment of how…
Over the recent years, the Malaysian economy has progressively moved up the value chain, becoming more closely integrated into regionally distributed production networks.
Scenario 1 - Chris is having a rather unpleasant day at work. He needs to complete some important assignments, but his computer is running slow. Chris decides to call the service desk team.