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May 18, 2020

Application of RPA, AI, ML in Post trade Ecosystem

Muralitharan K Business Manager, HCL Technologies, Malaysia, SDN, BHD.

Advancement in technologies like Robotics process automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers various products and services to reduce the manual intervention and improving operational inefficiencies in the middle and...
Cloud Native Labs

May 15, 2020

HCL Cloud Native Labs: Infusing resilience into businesses


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented businesses with the truest test of resilience and determination in the history of the digital age. Businesses know that it is only a thin line between a “resilient” and a “also ran” organization. How they respond...
Remote Working Challenges

May 15, 2020

Remote Working Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Rakshit Ghura Vice President & Global Service Leader – Digital Workplace Services

Organizations are viewing the work from home (WFH) model as the best business continuity plan during a global pandemic. However, remote working isn’t a new concept. It has been used by enterprises before to give their employees a flexible and...
Transforming Customer

May 14, 2020

Transforming Customer Experience via Hypergraph EXtreme (HEX) Gamification

Randall Masciana Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Most businesses today might be eager for digital transformation but that doesn’t correlate to how satisfied they are with their current initiatives. Perhaps, the major concern involves two key aspects of digital transformation– customer engagement...
Life,Death and Cloud computing
Blog is an interesting take on cloud computing fundamentals and how these fundamentals mimic human life and life philosophies. Cloud technology (as we all know) is major technological disruption in the field of computing - democratizing the compute...

May 13, 2020

Powering Workforce Productivity through AI

Michael Miller Lead Data Scientist, Digital & Analytics

Typical IT service desks can deal with a wide range of requests, from password resets to shutting down servers. Because of this wide scope, implementing automation, AI, and deep learning can be challenging, from a data science perspective. In a...
Google Cloud Functions
Google Cloud Function is an execution environment which enables users to deal with serverless programming on top Google cloud Platform. It makes easy to run and scale your code on cloud environment. By using Google cloud function’s, you can write...
Marketplace Models

May 06, 2020

Marketplace Models in Wealth Management

Ramakrishna C Srinivasan Global Practice Manager, Capital Markets Services, Financial Services

To address the need for better strategies to increase AUM and revenues, the wealth management industry is constantly evolving with newer models. While robo-advisory has been around for a few years, Marketplace models are emerging as a hybrid...
Hospital Strengthens Systems

May 05, 2020

Hospital Strengthens Systems and Processes During Crisis

Lisa Sass Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager

How one hospital was able to quickly make technology changes during the pandemic response that enabled secure remote work, automated provisioning of IT, medical devices and accessories, and streamlined access to applications the hospital depends on...
IRA Software Team
When it comes to a software product, there are several things that needs to be taken care of, such as development, documentation, design specification, and so on. Software teams who are working using the JIRA platform knows how effective this...
Workload Scheduler
Workload Scheduler Version 9.4 has answered questions around efficiency, innovation and simplicity with several features for all users: on Premise, on Cloud (SaaS) and on Bluemix (PaaS). Read this blog to know more.
Automation at scale with Native Automation Technology (NAT)

Jul 23, 2020

Automation at scale with Native Automation Technology (NAT)

Sumit Sahu Deputy Manager - RPA, Digital Process Operations

The benefits of automation have even a greater impact on small & medium scale organizations who are currently aiming to grow and expand their horizons. But for the small and medium scale organizations it is equally important to build a robust...
Cloud Foundry on Sap Cloud Platform has made it possible to leverage SAP backend with Cloud Native applications. Follow our 8-week process to port a .NET legacy app to SAP Cloud Foundry
Faster Release Cycles for Hybrid Enterprise Application Platforms

Jun 23, 2020

Faster Release Cycles for Hybrid Enterprise Application Platforms

Jaydeep Chaudhuri Operations Director, Digital & Analytics

Enterprises today, regardless of size, are made up of SaaS (Software as a Service), COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf), and set of bespoke apps. These are tools that assist decision making, business insights and customer journeys. Placing all three in...
Google Cloud Functions
Google Cloud Function is an execution environment which enables users to deal with serverless programming on top Google cloud Platform. It makes easy to run and scale your code on cloud environment. By using Google cloud function’s, you can write...
Java Performance Tuning

Sep 20, 2019

Java Performance Tuning

Sandeep Pratap Singh Technical Specialist

Java application performance is always a buzz word until you face its real implications. It may vary depending on your interpretation and experience. This blog talks about the various performance tuning tips in the Java programming language. Also, a...
Zero Touch Non-Functional

Oct 26, 2018

Zero Touch Non-Functional Testing In DevOps

Subash Newton Practice Director, Business Assurance & Testing

True DevOps value is realized when all development, testing, and operations functions collaborate and operate on a zero-touch automation model. An effective testing strategy needs to integrate non-functional testing into the Continuous Testing...
Phased Adoption of RPA

May 27, 2020

Phased Adoption of RPA: Streamlining Your Automation Journey

Avinash Bajpai Solutions Architect, Digital Transformation

A Quick Definition

Agile Architecture - The Unicorn Realized
Raghavendra Dani - Senior Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics | July 7, 2020

The number of companies adopting the Agile methodology today is growing exponentially by the day. Did you know that architecture is usually amongst the last departments to undergo digitalization and consequently, digital transformation, during an enterprise-wide Agile transformation?

Business Continuity Planning - Keeping the Lights On, When Disaster Strikes
shubham chandra - Group Manager - Next Generation Datacenter Practice | July 7, 2020

Business Continuity Planning - An amalgamation of the right technology stack, agile organization culture, and proper disaster recovery strategy. A strategy that not only involves planning around the technology but also ensures that all the aspects of businesses are rigorously evaluated and protected.

Redefine and Embrace the ‘New Normal’ with HCL’s EdgeLITy
Amanpreet Singh - Group Manager, PMG – Hybrid Cloud Services | July 7, 2020

Discover better ways to manage and control activities in remote work locations with HCL EdgeLIty.

Manage operations seamlessly by utilizing business-friendly, self-sustainable technology solutions while striving to combat COVID-19. Learn to modernize monitoring and deployment through AI/ML and IoT.