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Reg Tech

Apr 11, 2019

Investment Management - A New Framework

Kinsuk Mitra - Director of Finance, Risk and Compliance
Director of Finance, Risk and Compliance
Once considered to be a safe haven from regulatory scrutiny, the investment management sector is now attracting increased political and regulatory attention due to its growing importance in society.
OneTest Performance

Apr 10, 2019

Using custom code to modify a server supplied cookie in HCL OneTest Performance

Paul Liskay - Level 2 Support Engineer
Level 2 Support Engineer
On rare occasions, it might be necessary to modify a server supplied cookie when performing data correlation on an HTTP test. Cookies are small individual files and although they are listed as a request header under HTTP Request Details for a...

Apr 05, 2019

HCL Integration Platform (HIP) Version 10.0 – Moving forward with a Prettier (new) Face!

Stephanie Fetzer - Product Manager
Product Manager
Do you want a better way to interact with the data in your world– We’ve released HIP 10.0 for you!

Apr 05, 2019

Understanding Adobe AEM Multi Site Management (MSM) Content Fallback

Digvijay Singh Tomar - AEM Technical Architect, Digital & Analytics
AEM Technical Architect
Many enterprises are moving towards a consolidated digital foundation with the aim of establishing a centralized content management and publishing platform to manage content in multiple languages and countries. Adobe Experience Manager Multi-Site...
Mechanical Testing

Apr 05, 2019

Automation for Mechanical Testing

Murali Krishnan - Technical Manager
Technical Manager
Now- a- day’s modern test automation tools are available in market along with more advanced features compared to past 10-years history of test automation. These test automation tools generally  are  advanced in testing the software...
Open Innovation

Apr 05, 2019

Why you should choose business analytics to reduce claims leakage?

Keerthana Suresh - Software Engineer, Apps & SI Del FS-AMERICAS
Software Engineer
The current trend which is feeding the hunger of insurance companies to boost productivity and profitability. Alleviating claims leakage is one among the key factors which helps insurers grow in a profitable path. This can be accomplished to a...
Multilingual Automation

Apr 02, 2019

Multilingual Automation Testing

Murali Krishnan - Technical Manager
Technical Manager
Any product developer or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can build a product initially for the local regional market. Once it has got the hype in the local market, then they can plan for its release in other regional markets per the...
USD by 2023

Mar 27, 2019

Migrating Data to Cloud with MigPress

Inder Mohan Virmani - Deputy General Manager, Next Generation workplace Services
Deputy General Manager, Next Generation workplace Services
MigPress (Migration + Express) helps in consolidation of disparate data sources residing on various locations.The MigPress tool helps in data assessment, data synchronization, rationalization, and disposition. It helps in content sanitization of on-...

Mar 11, 2019

Why FaaS (a.k.a. ServerLESS) has a bold future?

N Gowthaman - Deputy General Manager, NGDC
Deputy General Manager
Serverless computing has emerged as a next branch in the “as-a-service” delivery model in the cloud. And the cloud providers are using the corrected terminology, i.e., "functions" and ignoring the term “serverless” in their products.


Open Innovation

Nov 13, 2018

Open Innovation - The Theory of Abundance

Murali Dharan Haragopal - Head of Global Insurance Business Solution Group
The bigger picture: machine learning changing the way insurers do business
Technology disruptions

Aug 05, 2019

How social media conversations and technology disruptions are impacting today’s retailers

Ritu Saxena - Global Client Partner & Senior Director, USA Retail & CPG
Global Client Partner & Senior Director
Given the importance of social media in online commerce and the changing nature of the customer, it is crucial that retailers proactively adapt to these trends. Retailers need to broaden their approach to use AI, ML, and social media to build hyper-...

Sep 06, 2018

Network Automation Framework at Play—DNA Center Rapidly Onboards non-Cisco Devices

Vivek Bhargava - Manager, DNA Center Ecosystem Marketing, Cisco
Manager, DNA Center Ecosystem Marketing
HCL understands the emerging importance of smart networks ensuring fast, flexible and agile businesses. We envision a future of automated network management. NetBot tackles networking challenges that enterprises face every day. Read DNAC demo...

Jun 28, 2019

Google Anthos: A Hybrid Cloud Story

Chandershekhar Joshi - Associate General Manager, Infra-DIGI PLAT-NGDC-PBF
Associate General Manager
Anthos is the Hybrid cloud solution from Google with multi-cloud support. It is a single Kubernetes platform for managing hybrid clouds spanning on-premise data centers and cloud. It modernizes applications by easily migrating VMs to containers to...
Powering Digital Transformation

Sep 07, 2017

Powering Digital Transformation with Software Defined Workspaces

Rakshit Ghura - Vice President & Global Service Leader – Digital Workplace Services
Vice President & Global Service Leader – Digital Workplace Services
The blueprint of a mature digital workspace incorporates mobility, flexibility, uncompromised security, consistent design and a seamless & intuitive user experience that is highly personalized.

Dec 22, 2016

Cybersecurity in Aviation

Asmitamoreshwar Malke - Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Cybersecurity has gained importance in Avionics ever since the attack on Malaysian Airlines MH370 flights. The need of the hour is to upgrade the cyber security systems to protect aircrafts from serious consequences such as hijacks, explosions,...
The Future of Data Privacy

Feb 22, 2018

GDPR and Beyond: The future of Data Privacy

Abhishek Ramavat - GRC Evangelist – Europe
Why HCL is preferred partner of choice for organizations aiming to achieve regulatory compliance for GDPR data protection

Sep 16, 2016

Create value for your business with SAP or S/4HANA

Dirk Van Der Merwe - Solution Architect- SAP Solutions
Solution Architect
The launch of SAP S/4 HANA has prompted its customers to take a leap of faith. Using SAP S/4HANA, organizations can reduce the complexities of SAP landscapes. The move to the new business suite can reduce total cost of ownership.
IBM InterConnect

Mar 15, 2017

ClearCase and ClearQuest Featured at IBM InterConnect

Joseph Londa - Technology Director
Technology Director
The IBM and HCL strategic partnership is bringing new technical vitality to products such as ClearCase and ClearQuest. Join us at IBM Interconnect to know more about the product roadmap and how it caters to the client's priorities


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