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Continuous Delivery - Setting up advanced deployment strategies on OpenShift | HCL Blogs
One of the key challenges in software development is rolling out newer features to users, receiving feedback from the audience, and having the ability to quickly respond to the feedback. Over the last few years, continuous delivery has introduced...

Aug 05, 2020

A Balancing Act for Successful Organizational Planning

Tony Akins Senior Principal Agile Consultant

In this blog, Anthony Akins, Principal Agile Consultant at Enterprise Studios by HCL Technologies, discusses how improving and maintaining our body’s physical balance serves a purpose similar to improving and maintaining organizational planning and...
As part of the HCL’s 5G strategy, critical investments are being driven to enhance HCL’s play in the 5G Ecosystem. As the Radio Access Network (RAN) gets ‘opened’ or disaggregated, there is plenty of scope for new players to provide radio focused or...
Modern Application Practices

Aug 03, 2020

Maximizing DevOps ROI with Modern Application Practices

Mahesh Patil Practice Director, Digital & Analytics

A large number of organizations are embracing enterprise-wide transformation initiatives to implement business imperatives. In this regard, scaled agile models of delivery, DevOps practices, micro-services, and cloud-first and API-first strategies...
Integrating Marketing Automation with Sales CRM Systems

Jul 31, 2020

Integrating Marketing Automation with Sales CRM Systems

Asish Kumar Patra Senior Technical Architect, Digital & Analytics

A strong marketing and sales collaboration is crucial for shortening the sales cycle and increasing the revenue. Without the proper alignment of marketing and sales, the debate between quality leads from campaign and sales effectiveness will...
Java Performance Monitoring Tools

Jul 29, 2020

Java Performance Monitoring Tools

Sandeep Pratap Singh Technical Specialist

In the continuation to my previous blog(http://bit.ly/2o9gqM6) which was on Java performance optimization tips, introducing few tools which are widely used to collect and detect performance bottleneck in the application. JProfiler an extremely...
Automation at scale with Native Automation Technology (NAT)

Jul 23, 2020

Automation at scale with Native Automation Technology (NAT)

Sumit Sahu Deputy Manager - RPA, Digital Process Operations

The benefits of automation have even a greater impact on small & medium scale organizations who are currently aiming to grow and expand their horizons. But for the small and medium scale organizations it is equally important to build a robust...
Digital experience must include employees as well as customers
Focusing on employee experience can prove to be even more beneficial for businesses than concentrating on customer experience The digital transformation of business has caused many organizations to rapidly adopt technology to meet customer and...
An Agile Approach to an Age-Old Challenge
Every organization faces the age-old challenge of defining, communicating, delivering and measuring business value daily. Creating alignment between business units is key, and many organizations have introduced agile practices to that process. There...
Elatic vs Solar

Jul 26, 2016

ElasticSearch Vs Solr

Anil Rawat Lead Engineer , Engineering R & D Services

In big data search , primary choices are Elasticsearch and Solr that are open source enterprise search platforms and have the ability to perform full-text searches and faceted searches. In this blog, we take a deeper look and compare these two...
Enterprise Service Bus
The recent buzz around Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is only matched by the ambiguity with which the term is defined. This blog provides an overview of the basic terminologies, architecture, and core functionalities around the concept of anESB...
Redefining the Cloud Strategy During COVID 19

Jul 10, 2020

Redefining the Cloud Strategy During COVID 19

Piyush Saxena Piyush Saxena, VP & Head – Hybrid Cloud Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all industries in different ways. While short-term contingency plans have allowed organizations to weather initial disruptions, it has also led to sweeping recalibrations in business processes and operations....
Wildlife Poaching

Jul 20, 2020

Protecting the Indian forests using Internet of Things

Subir Dhar Director & Business Development Head, APAC, IoT WoRKSᵀᴹ

Indian forests have always been under pressure, but in the recent years, it has been more so. While the coverage has grown per the ISFR 2019 (Indian State of Forest Resources), protecting the forests has never been easy. In a recent conversation...
Artificial Intelligence

Jun 29, 2020

Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing Banking with Predictive Analytics

Ashutosh Uniyal Associate Vice President, Financial Services, ANZ

With the advent of emergent technologies such as AI and automation, coupled with the global need for digital transformation, banks have reached a point where future-facing, proactive changes are no longer value additions but are indeed key...
As part of the HCL’s 5G strategy, critical investments are being driven to enhance HCL’s play in the 5G Ecosystem. As the Radio Access Network (RAN) gets ‘opened’ or disaggregated, there is plenty of scope for new players to provide radio focused or...
AI and Machine Learning in Financial Services
Needless to say, in this post-COVID-19 world the way businesses and clients interact with each other has irreversibly changed. We have seen banks and other financial institutions leveraging technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Intelligent...
Quantum Computing
From redefining drug development to prophesizing weather patterns with astonishing accuracy, #QuantumComputing can open up an exciting world of opportunities. Kalyan Kumar, HCL’s CTO, delves into why #enterprises need to keep an eye on the now-...
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MongoDB in Big Data Analytics Applications
Raghavendra Ganji - Big Data Analytics CoE | March 18, 2016


Automation – A Requirement or Necessity?
Rabia Sharma | March 18, 2016


In today’s world, where things keep on changing on daily basis and we sometimes find it hard to adjust with the changing needs and scenarios, automation does play an important role for continuous delivery. QA being the gatekeepers, are not only limited to perform manual testing but also play an important role in designing frameworks and implementing test scenarios programmatically.

Improving Efficiency Of Vulnerability Assessment In NFV Based Cloud Networks
Saurabh Sharda - Senior Technical Specialist | March 3, 2016

The concept of virtualizing the network equipment is picking up fast. Popularly known as Network Function Virtualization (NFV), this concept aims to virtualize network functions by running them as software on standard server grade hardware and do away with previously used proprietary equipment. The Specification group for NFV is being worked upon by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and is made up of representatives from several leading telecommunication industries.