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Data in IOT

Sep 12, 2019

Guidelines for Securing Data in IoT Constrained Node Networks

Vijay Annamalaisamy - Technical Specialist
Technical Specialist
Constrained node networks face many challenges like mobility, reliability, scalability, management, availability, interoperability and cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is one of the major concerns of all these challenges. Among all the cybersecurity...
Node Network

Sep 12, 2019

Introduction to IoT Constrained Node Networks

Vijay Annamalaisamy - Technical Specialist
Technical Specialist
An end to end IoT system includes various networks in an IoT system, type of devices and the applications running in those networks. Constrained node network is deployed as an edge network in an IoT system. There are various classes of constrained...
Machine Learning

Sep 10, 2019

Machine Learning in Software Development

Kishore Joseph - General Manager, Solutions, HCL Financial Services
General Manager
In this blog, Kishore Joseph talks about how machine learning is embedding itself into the software development lifecycle.  He says that there are major advancements that are occurring using machine learning and AI. We could look to utilize...
Google Antho

Aug 26, 2019

Google Anthos: Write Once, Run Anywhere

Aman Malasi - SMT, NGDC
The article talks about the hybrid/ multi-cloud space and how major cloud vendors, especially Google is foraying into this area. It talks about Google Anthos, an enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud platform, which lets you build and manage modern...
Digital Transformation

Aug 23, 2019

Leveraging feature flags for continuous value delivery

Nihal Mehdi - Solution Architect
Solution Architect
 The digital journey is completed only when business delivers value to their customers when they expect it. To meet the customer expectation, business need to reduce time to the market and accelerate delivery process precisely. That’s where...

Aug 19, 2019

How artificial intelligence is reshaping the financial services sector

Sudip Lahiri - Head - Financial Services, Europe
Head - Financial Services, Europe
In this blog, Sudip Lahiri, Senior Vice President, and Head Financial Services talk about the wide range of emerging applications of AI and machine learning in the finance sector which are attracting growing attention. As is the case in...

Aug 08, 2019

Ushering in the Next generation of Marketing with 5G

Sandeep Malhotra - Vice President, Solutions & Consulting, Telecom, Media & Entertainment
Vice President
The proliferation of 5G will enable advertisers to develop interactive advertising experiences which are routed directly to an individual. With faster loading of landing pages and videos, users will be more engaged and connected with content and...
Small cells to Smart Cells

Aug 08, 2019

Transforming Small Cells to Smart Cells

Ajitesh Gupta - Senior Solution Director
Senior Solution Director
To address issues with data capacity, network efficiency, and performance, telco players have been deploying Small Cell for years. In 5G NR, Small Cell will also operate at higher frequency bandwidth, such as 28GHz or 70GHz. Some of the non-...
open digital architecture

Aug 08, 2019

5G and its impact on OSS/BSS

Arun Kumar Sharma - Deputy General Manager
Deputy General Manager
With 5G under trials, the question is whether OSS/BSS is ready to support 5G solutions. Do 3 core technologies of 5G namely 5G NR, Virtualization and Network slicing require any changes in traditional OSS/BSS approach? This blog talks about the...


Enterprise Service Bus

Oct 25, 2016

Everything you need to know about Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Technical Specialist
The recent buzz around Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is only matched by the ambiguity with which the term is defined. This blog provides an overview of the basic terminologies, architecture, and core functionalities around the concept of anESB...

Mar 05, 2019

Understanding Adobe AEM Editable Templates

Digvijay Singh Tomar - AEM Technical Architect, Digital & Analytics
AEM Technical Architect
Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 helps build an experience manager site that contains a header, a body, and a footer section. In addition, users can learn how to promote reuse of experience manager content by: • Leveraging editable template structures...

Aug 24, 2017

JProfiler-A tool to capture performance bottlenecks

Ritu Bhat - Test Lead - Engineering R & D services
Test Lead
JProfiler is a Java profiler tool and is useful for developers/testers as it can be used to analyze performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, CPU loads and resolve threading issues.

Mar 05, 2019

Understanding How Adobe AEM Delivers Headless Content

Digvijay Singh Tomar - AEM Technical Architect, Digital & Analytics
AEM Technical Architect
Headless content allows content managers to manage and reuse content from a single repository, such as Adobe AEM, CRX, or OAK. It provides benefits when used in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), such as: • The final content can be delivered...
Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT) and Its Advantages for Stakeholders

Mar 31, 2015

Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT) and Its Advantages for Stakeholders

Chitranjan Nath - Project Manager
Project Manager
Overview Commonly referred to as OAT, Operational Acceptance Testing is the testing done before the solution is released or deployed, just after the execution of user acceptance testing (UAT).  The OAT environment is called the ‘pilot’ or ‘pre...
Elatic vs Solar

Jul 26, 2016

ElasticSearch Vs Solr

Anil Rawat - Lead Engineer
Lead Engineer , Engineering R & D Services
In big data search , primary choices are Elasticsearch and Solr that are open source enterprise search platforms and have the ability to perform full-text searches and faceted searches. In this blog, we take a deeper look and compare these two...

Jun 27, 2018

Assuring true digital transformation with the power of A.I.

Amit Gupta - SVP & Global GTM Head for HCL DRYiCE
SVP & Global GTM Head for HCL DRYiCE
Many organizations – often with primitive IT systems, processes & high dependency on humans are often pushed into ‘point’ digital transformation programs to stay relevant. To deliver enterprise-wide digital transformation, organizations are...

May 16, 2018

Assessing the Cloud Readiness of IBM i (AS/400) and iSeries

Ravinder Pal - Head – IBM i (AS/400) Practice & Presales
IBM i platform is most eligible server to be available as a service on Cloud model, but needs to be Optimized. With 80% servers in need of Optimization, Optimize-i helps achieve higher performance typically saving 30-40% of overall TCO. 
Industry 4.0

Aug 07, 2019

Industry 4.0: The next new wave across industries

Debabrata Biswal - Head-Telecommunications Vertical-Americas
Head-Telecommunications Vertical-Americas
Industry 4.0 framework is a new mindset geared for Emerging Technologies. As we exit the third industrial revolution marked by process-level automation, business leaders are engaging wit IoT (internet of things), analytics, cloud based...


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