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Top Reasons to meet HCL at Black Hat USA 2017

Top Reasons to meet HCL at Black Hat USA 2017
July 17, 2017

Organizations today are increasingly investing in digital apps, platforms, data, and devices. As a result, they are being exposed to an exponential number of cybersecurity threats and attacks.

In this age of an ever-escalating spectrum of “intelligent” threats where attackers are becoming more evasive, traditional cyber security solutions such as Security Monitoring have become ineffective. New-age digital technologies like the Cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) expose the businesses to threats from sources that are outside of the enterprise IT’s control. To ensure that businesses are better equipped to manage transformation within the new threat landscape, the need of the hour for CIOs and CISOs is to change the organization’s security posture from “static” to “dynamic” by leveraging next-gen cyber security solutions.

HCL has been providing cutting-edge Cybersecurity and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) services-based solutions to over 200+ G2000 companies for the past 20 years with a strong base of over 2000 cybersecurity experts spread across the globe. HCL Cybersecurity and GRC Services powered by the Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework help organizations adapt to the threat landscape of the 21st century, ensuring protection and risk resilience.

As Gold sponsors of Black Hat USA 2017, we invite you to Las Vegas on July 26 and 27 to meet our experts, seek guidance or validate your approach on the next big IT security project in your pipeline. Through the course of the cyber security conference, which is among the most important information security events worldwide, we will also be demonstrating:

  1. How organizations can leverage HCL’s SecIntAl SOC framework to adopt a dynamic cyber security posture

    SecIntAl (Security Intelligence & Analytics Solution) is a framework to deliver contextual and behavioural analytics by leveraging advanced machine learning and AI for incident detection and automation.

    As visitors to the cyber security conference will learn, SecIntAl proactively identifies and mitigates threats using Big Data analytics and advanced correlation at its core, utilizing contextual information gained from assets, data, and user identities. In case of an identified threat, SecIntAl proactively investigates in real time. It gathers the evidence, runs analysis, and alerts about the potential risk in order to identify the threats and update rules. It delivers response, protection, and prevention against any cyber threat to ensure your business remains secure.

  2. How HCL is making a difference in the way customers approach GRC

    HCL’s integrated GRC solution, called Business Risk Intelligence & Compliance Solution or BRiCS™, is a framework offering a holistic approach to organization-wide governance, risk, and compliance needs and requirements that encompass both the business and IT operations.

    The BRiCS™ framework helps identify, understand, and manage the dynamic interrelationships between business and IT, while incorporating GRC disciplines into business-as-usual activities. This platform addresses compliance risk management challenges by translating them into opportunities. These include operational efficiency, cost reductions, strengthening of governance and performance, and enhancing of decision-making through collaboration.

  3. How HCL’s AppScan solution for Application Security can help evolve your applications in today’s DevOps-centric world

    As you will get to know at Black Hat USA 2017 — one of the premier cyber security events — HCL AppScan helps enterprises protect critical data from external threats by ensuring the security of the software used to run the business — whether it is an in-house developed application or a COTS application.

    AppScan leverages a spectrum of application scanning and testing techniques and technologies for discovering vulnerabilities in applications during development and before production rollout. It is a robust and mature product that can be used in the context of Web, enterprise, and mobile applications. Discover more about the outcomes that AppScan can bring about and how it can help you achieve “optimal” remediation and continuous improvement outcomes at one of the world’s foremost cyber security events.

  4. How organizations can leverage HCL’s Digi-i-Fort solution to protect themselves from “third-party risks”

    HCL Digi-i-Fort is a cutting-edge framework that makes use of next-generation technologies for third-party risk assessment and mitigation.

  5. At Black Hat USA 2017, we share case studies and customer success stories outlining how HCL has driven improved business alignment and responsiveness to the ever-escalating threat landscape.