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What can Managed IT services do for you?
Rajesh Thakur Senior Vice President & Business Head- India & Middle East | September 11, 2019

Think of managed IT services as an effective tool that can accelerate your performance. Like installing advanced equipment or making a good hire, collaborating with a managed services provider can make it easier to achieve your goals.

Such a partnership benefits you in two ways. First, it can help you optimize what you already do. Depending on the industry, this optimization can improve your performance by 20-30%, freeing up cash and giving you the bandwidth to think about tomorrow instead of today.

Optimizing with HCL's Managed Services can improve performance by 20-30%, freeing up cash and giving you the bandwidth to think about tomorrow instead of today.

The second and frankly, the more exciting opportunity, is the scope for innovation. Some of these partnerships with your managed IT service providers can not only improve your current operation, but also create scope for new opportunities. With HCL’s help:

  • Qatar Airlines now offers its customers location-based contextual managed services from the moment they reach the airport. The new app, integrated with location beacons, provides Qatar Airlines with data on the current location of every passenger. A deeper understanding of their customer’s journey, even before they get on the plane, is helping marketers strengthen their customer relationships and increase revenue for their retail partners through geo-located special offers.
  • First Gulf Bank (FGB), one of the leading banks in the United Arab Emirates, developed an up-to-date middle and back-office IT system as the first step toward a true digital transformation. The new model has brought 70+ applications in FGB’s portfolio up to a world-class standard, including telephony and core banking. At the same time, the introduction of the co-sourcing model has enabled the bank to outsource the operational headaches of its global digital footprint.
  • The Educational Authority of Abu Dhabi, the oversight board for all educational institutions in the UAE’s largest emirate, now has a cutting-edge business intelligence (BI) system. The BI system makes it easier for the council to monitor the performance of a variety of institutions and measure that performance against a number of key performance indicators. Designed with off-the-shelf equipment and out-of-the-box programs, this innovative system is simplifying the council’s monitoring and speeding up the pace of its decision-making.

A dual focus

We, at HCL, along with our world-class technology partners, can facilitate significant benefits through a dual focus on innovation. First, technology partners have the expertise to cultivate deep partnerships with software providers. At HCL, for instance, we have long-standing relationships with important market leaders, including Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. Second, every world-class service provider runs its own internal R&D program. At HCL, for example, we are very proud of our R&D achievements, which we have been able to share with our clients from a variety of industries spread all over the world.

Of course, each provider also has its own special sauce. At HCL, we have long invested in what we call our Ideapreneur culture, through a four-pronged program that encourages every HCL employee to share their insights and ideas in ways that add value for all our stakeholders:

  • Our Value Portal has generated more than 60,000 innovative ideas for over 400 customers. When you hire HCL, you don’t just get the team running your system, you also get the benefit of more than 18,000 HCL employees – that is 18,000 of today’s brightest technical minds.
  • The MAD JAM is an annual awards program that encourages our employees to create innovative solutions. Now in its seventh season, more than 2,700 people have contributed ideas that their peers considered valuable enough to merit a special award.
  • Our annual Good Practices Conference is a way in which we make sure that the best operational practices are shared throughout the organization. To date, more than 2,700 good practices have been selected for dissemination throughout HCL – ideas we might never have heard about if we were a traditional top-down culture.
  • Intellectual Property Monetization is an employee incentive program that encourages employees to patent their ideas. We’re now up to 200-employee patents – and counting!

A double win

This combination of process optimization and R&D acceleration can give you an enormous advantage, by freeing resources that are currently tied up in maintenance and other routine work – and by making you a partner with a world-class technology organization. With a value proposition like that, it’s no wonder that our industry experiences double digit growth every year and that we are able to retain 95% of our clients.