Digital Marketing: ADvantage Commerce for B2B and D2C | HCLTech

To cater to the needs of organizations and help enterprises continuously engage with its customer and enhance customer experience, HCLTech has developed a cost-optimized, scalable, and best-of-breed omnichannel commerce platform conforming to all D2C and B2B requirements.

ADvantage Commerce for D2C and B2B omnichannel experience solution is designed to jump-start your fully functional omnichannel journey within 6-8 weeks. ADvantage Commerce for B2B and D2C can quickly:

  1. Launch MVP of the ADvantage Commerce B2B 
  2. Enable distributed order management
  3. Integrate with your vendors, partners, and leading 3rd party service providers
  4. Implement a zero CAPEX model

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