DevOps in PeopleSoft - Reinventing the core, reframing the future | DevOps is not just agile

DevOps is not just agile

With on-premises enterprise programs like PeopleSoft, code modifications are unavoidable. Once the code fix build is complete, moving it to another environment is a time-consuming manual operation for the PeopleSoft administrator. Developers and testers must wait for the build to be migrated to successive environments because the migration and infrastructure procedures are handled manually by the respective teams. This long wait might result in delays and large gaps between expectations and outcomes. With the introduction of DevOps, DevSecOps, and Infrastructure-as-a-Code, we must rethink at the corporate level rather than focusing on a single enterprise application. Different teams (development, operations, quality, and testing) work on their deliverables according to their schedules, and they typically require visibility and a shared platform via which they may request speedy deployment or environment creation.

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