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Smart Logistics for High Value Assets

What is Smart Logistics for High Value Assets?

Having trouble tracking your assets, HCLTech Smart Logistics for High Value Asset, powered by SAP Leonardo provides a solution to track assets in real time. Utilizing Hybris, SAP Leonardo Blockchain and IoT services, the solution transforms the way enterprises manage the inventory levels and integrity of their highly specialized assets with role-based access & visibility to inventory, location and integrity of assets in real-time.

The Benefits:

  • Optimized Inventory Management: Real-time inventory, deliveries and shipment information
  • Automated Status Monitoring: Regulatory tracking and transparency on the status of sterilized assets
  • Planning and Forecasting Accuracy: Ability to predict shortages and plan stock distribution
  • Seamless integration with ERP operations

How HCLTech makes it possible:

The solution has been deployed on HCLTech SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry subscription account and leverages the cloud platform services including Blockchain, SAP HANA, and Leonardo IoT services