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HCL Novus Payments and Cards

Customer preferences are changing. Technologies such as real-time payments, Open Banking and emerging technologies like API, microservices and cloud are enabling a 24X7 real time infrastructure shared by all payments. 

The existing payments ecosystem has many challenges such as:

  • Complex system with multiple applications supporting different payment types & market places
  • Legacy processing infrastructure
  • Payments security & compliance

As payments providers look to transform their operating models to meet the growing need for efficiency, scale and modularity and global interoperability. Factors such as regulatory frameworks, need to modernize legacy systems, evolving customer preferences and payments compliance will continue to drive the market. Adoption of digital payments and  digital wallets is also on a rise.

HCLTech offers end-to-end payments solutions to help drive revenues by facilitating new payment models , supporting regulatory compliance, accelerate cloud ready platform-based modernization, cost optimization delivered as projects or in PaaS models.

HCLTech has proven expertise in innovative NextGen payments offerings that enables financial institutions, corporates, and third-party providers drive transformation by creating modern ways of executing payments for everyone, from anywhere.  HCLTech facilitates payment processing on a cloud-native microservices-based architecture. It leverages its experience in greenfield development of payment processing platform using framework & services making it cloud ready.

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