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Global Scrap Log on Blockchain

What is Global Scrap Log on Blockchain?

In industries with rotable parts which travel across the supply chain to multiple operators across its usable lifetime, part authenticity (or the patency of a part) is critical information. Getting everyone within a supply chain on the same data platform to exchange the related data is ideal, but a long road. HCL took the approach of logging and inquiring about end-of-life for the unique part using Blockchain Technology. If a tracked part is to be scrapped you can use a simple API or the mobile app to create an entry into the global Blockchain ledger. This becomes visible to all the participants of the business process i.e. OEM, operator, service providers, and sub-contractors. Use a second API or the mobile app to check if the tracked part has ever been entered as scrapped.

The Benefits:

  • Enhanced transparency for all participants of the supply chain business process
  • Helps fight counterfeit parts
  • Easy to adopt and implement

How HCL makes it possible:

  • Global Scrap log iOS app
  • SAP Blockchain Service on Cloud Foundry
  • Standard Integration between SAP S/4Hana
  • Standard Integration with SAP AIN (Asset Intelligence Network)