Today, if you are a business or an IT professional, chances are you have your own opinion of what the cloud can do for you, your job and your business. For IT folks the Cloud is a new way to deliver technology resources and run applications; If you are head of sales and/or marketing, the cloud enables superior experiences and faster time to market; If you are a developer then the cloud becomes the ultimate development & testing platform for digital applications; and if finance is your thing, then the Cloud can help you manage fixed and operational costs. But, this is a piecemeal view, that does not do justice to the true potential of the cloud. Making the most of the cloud requires a refreshed company-wide stance that is cloud-centric. At HCL we call this the Cloud State-of-mind. A Cloud state-of-mind is achieved when Cloud Native principles are adopted at an Enterprise-wide scale; with business strategy and plans refreshed through the lens of the Cloud.  Read our Cloud Services Brochure to understand how HCL can help your organization transform into a Cloud Native Enterprise.