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EDNX- OTT based video learning platform

With the increasing cost of textbooks, nearly 1041% over the past 30 years, there has been a significant hindrance to learning. Hence there was an emerging need for an alternative to the traditional learning approach. With this in mind, HCLTech has architected OTT for education. HCLTech’s OTT based EDNX, a video learning platform, offers continued learning at self- directed pace with the help of personalized content recommendations. The solution enables Education providers to respond to the pandemic situation. The solution focusses on self-paced learning by recording faculty Lectures and facilitating remediation and reinforcement of concepts. It also brings functionalities to determine student engagement index based on content consumption, time spent, activities completed, and study patterns. A few key features solution encompasses: 1) Webinars & Training can be streamed live or attended remotely which helps students to apply a concept not just theoretically but practically too. 2) Alumni Connect & Testimonials can be managed using the university portal. This helps in connecting alums to the current batch regarding job opportunities or providing career guidance to students. 3) One to one e-tutoring helps students connect to subject matter experts for different courses. This helps in conducting live doubt clearing sessions. 4) Certifications empower students with added expertise in their area of interest, thus giving students an opportunity to leapfrog in their career path.