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The future of learningThe future of learning

HCL has more than 15+ years of footprint in the Education and Publishing space powered by 2500+ experienced practitioners. We have developed and customized over 500 applications for K-12 and Higher Education, Education Publishers, Universities & Assessment Boards.  Our forté lies in Digital Learning, Interactive Learning, Personalized Content, Student Analytics, Smart Campus.

In the education domain, HCL’s Applied AI, OTT, Analytics, IoT, & cloud native solutions power institutions to accelerate and develop new experience centric and outcome oriented integrated offerings in exciting new areas of teaching. Our unique suite of products and services provides a competitive edge to the institutions. HCL adopts differentiating next-gen technologies by investing in cutting edge solutions such as Smart Campus Solutions, Remote proctoring, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics for dropout prevention, and many more.

Smart Attendance Solution helps transform the traditional attendance record process by AI enabled engine which is equipped facial recognition for attendance monitoring and helps generate reports to give an attendance overview. It also gives powerful insights for correlation between student's attendance and performance. 

The AI enabled Remote Proctoring Solution helps capture unfair incident through sound and background activity monitoring and movement detection. Data is stored safely and in a secured environment.

Social Enterprise is an integrated learning management system (LMS) to determine potential student dropout based on inferences taken from historical student data. It recommends remediation of a high risk student and also tracks progress of the student.