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Smart Class Offerings : Proctoring and Monitoring

The Smart class facilitates intelligent monitoring and proctoring by capturing student behaviour, their class engagement rate by tracking adverse movements, capturing sound, background activity, and movement detection. 

 With the global online learning market to reach $325 billion by 2025 from $107 Billion in 2015, classroom facilitated with intelligent class monitoring and proctoring has been every University’s need in today’s time. It helps to monitor the potential cheating scenarios and track adverse movement, adverse sounds, background activities and using unfair means

     A few key features this solution encases are:

Tracking attentiveness of an individual based on students’ head/hand movements towards or away from the teacher with an intention to Improvising student engagement with the teacher.

 Capture student’s moods (happy, sad, confused, scared, angry, neutral) by understanding the interest of the student in the classroom and gauge the effectiveness of teaching methodology. It can also analyze mood charts against his/her attendance and attentiveness and understand student’s concerns. 

  1. Track student activities in class - Reading, listening, raising hands, answering and writing and also notify authorities in case sound crosses threshold decibel level. 
  2. Capture student and teacher’s behaviour in a class by tracking and notifying authorities in case of an emergency such as faint, quarrel, fire, etc
  3. Raising alert to prevent unfair means by scanning for unauthorized possessed objects and comparing them against the list of prohibited/ undesired objects