Today’s retailers are striving to strengthen their supply chains so that when the demand-supply cycle varies as per the need of the consumers, they can serve to the multichannel business dynamics, cost-effectively. To serve individual customer orders cost-effectively for distributed geographies, retail organizations need optimally located distribution centers in the absence of which they will need to redesign their networks to be closer to the customers.

Organizations have realized the importance of supply chain design & fulfillment exercises, but are still unable to make the best use of it. The challenge typically lies in selecting the right approach.

While internal factors driving demand & fulfillment are focused on driving service delivery and working capital optimization across existing channels, external factors focus on driving significant structural changes in global and dispersed distribution networks. 

As retail supply chains get optimized for stores, the retail organizations must strive to achieve the following business scenarios:

  • Maximize sales through perfect product availability
  • Right products at the right time at the right location
  • Improve inventory and supply chain management along with in-stock percentage

HCL’s Retail Practice for BlueYonder (previously JDA), with its robust retail solutions, can help you plan and optimize the flow of demand and fulfillment business processes for seamless supply chain management.

With over 20 years in the supply chain business, HCL Technologies has built an extensive set of tools and processes to ensure that our implementation projects run consistently and smoothly. Some of our implementation accelerators include a rapid deployment methodology, out of the box business/industry scenarios, standard test script automation, and an excellent training program.