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Central Application Security Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out a lot of sensitive information in the vulnerability zone. As more and more people are working from home, the hackers have found a great breeding ground to executive security breaches. The most susceptible services and finance related as they are directly in line for crucial information and money.

Challenges faced by Financial Services due to Digitization and Current Pandemic

  • Application are the largest cause of security breaches around the globe comprising of 30% of all the breaches and averaging at $8 million per breach
  • Hackers use bot attacks as well as exploit injection vulnerabilities in code to breach an application and steal confidential information like credentials and PIIs stored in servers
  • Shortening development cycles have created the need of rapid security testing and security by design
  • Current pandemic situation makes it even more critical and important to strengthen the security of the web application as millions of people are working from home and the world is moving online and attackers are trying to get the benefits by attacking online portal

HCL’s Central Application Security Testing offering can help you combat the situation effectively.