Re-imagining Your Data Governance Programs & Mitigating COVID-19 Risks | HCL Brochure

Re-imagining Your Data Governance Programs & Mitigating Covid-19 Risks

While remote working is the new normal, it requires us to look beyond secure VPN and address the compliance & risk issues associated with the data

Challenges faced by Financial Services due to Digitization and Current Pandemic Situation

  • With financial services (FS) organizations and Banks rapidly increasing their digital business, the presence of unstructured data increases the complexity of data management processes
  • With the current Covid-19 situation organization need to mitigate the new risk posed by remote workers who have access to privacy sensitive information from an uncontrolled home environment.
  • Various regulations like GDPR, CCPA, etc. makes it imperative for FS organizations handling PII data to have strong data privacy standards and controls in place

HCL’s solution offering ensures that DBA access is monitored, controlled, actions pre-approved & no regulatory data access granted. Through its unique data flow analysis and classification, it addresses the insider threat by blend of solutions ranging from user behavior analytics to data forensics and eDiscovery. Download the brochure to have an in-depth understanding.